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Armando Garcia speaks out on recent Nick Diaz situation

Erin Bucknell of recently contacted California State Athletic Commission executive director Armando Garcia to get his side of the story in regards to CSAC’s decision not to approve Nick Diaz for this past Saturday’s EliteXC/Strikeforce co-promotion.

Here’s an excerpt of what Garcia had to say:

On that same date the fighter disclosed that he was using marijuana for medicinal purposes and had been using it that same week. He also stated that he had a ‘card’ to prove it. He did not have the card with him on that date and it was noted that it would be provided. He was specifically and clearly instructed to contact the Commission, specifically, me. Along with the fighter during this process was an employee of the promoter whose sole duty with the fighters was licensing.

The employee was told by the Doctor’s office that the actual medical examination reports would be ready on Monday March 17, 2008. He advised the Doctor’s office that he would return with another fighter on that date and would pick them up then.

There is absolutely no doubt that both the employee and the fighter were given the necessary instructions.

On March 17 the promoter’s employee went back to the Doctor’s office with another fighter and was given the medical examinations for the previous fighter.

Early in the business day on Tuesday March 25, 2008 (eight days later and three days from the fight) the promoter’s employee called our office and asked a series of ‘hypothetical’ questions regarding the use of marijuana by a fighter, medicinal marijuana, having or not having a marijuana card, etc.

Later we identified the fighter and the exact information and discussed the actual fighter’s situation.

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