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Top Ten Tantrums

This past weekend MMA journalists were subjected to another lecture regarding rankings by a promoter grandstanding for his fighters.

No, Dana White wasn’t making the case for Anderson Silva as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world this past Saturday in San Jose, Calif. Instead, we had EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw stating that Jake Shields in the number one fighter in his weight class and that Cung Le is a top ten middleweight.

Shaw is entitled to his opinion but so am I. And I beg to differ on both of his assertions. Normally I wouldn’t make a big stink but I hate it when a promoter tries to guilt the media into giving his fighters more props. It’s self-serving and insulting in the sense that it implies we aren’t knowledgeable enough to form our own opinions and we should just take their word for it — as if they are impartial in regards to the matter of world rankings.

My issue when White made his campaign for Silva following UFC 82 wasn’t the content of his message, but the context. It’s hard to make a case against Silva as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Personally, I don’t agree. That said, I realize I am in the minority in the belief that Georges St. Pierre is number one with Silva being ranked two. My issue was White pretty much saying that if you don’t think Silva is number one that you’re an idiot and or you’re only withholding him as number one because you don’t like Dana White.


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