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UFC Fight Night 13 Thoughts & Commentary

icfc.jpgKenny Florian is still finishing fights.

KenFlo likes to let us all know that he finishes fights, but he delivered on his promise tonight by finishing Joe Lauzon via TKO in the second round. The first round was a well fought round by both guys with a lot of back and forth action, scrambles and transitions. The second round, however, was another story and was completely dominated by Florian. He took it to another level, took Lauzon down, passed his guard, and finished him from the mount. Perhaps it was too much, too soon for Lauzon, but either way Florian’s win was impressive. Is he ready for a lightweight title shot? I don’t think so just yet, but a fight with Roger Huerta is one I would love to see for #1 contender status.

Karo Parisyan has a legitimate beef.

Karo has a legitimate beef with the stoppage of his fight with Thiago Alves. Yes, he was rocked, yes he was taking punishment, but he certainly didn’t look out of it. With a veteran like Parisyan you have to give him the benefit of the doubt and the referee failed to even give Karo a chance to defend himself. Would it have ended any differently had the ref not stopped the fight? Hard to tell, especially with what kind of condition Karo looked to be in (terrible) and his inability to force the fight to the ground when he needed to. Whether it would have affected the outcome or not, the bottom line is that Karo should have been given the chance to fight back.

Frankie Edgar may want to consider moving down to 145 lbs.

That’s not a knock against Edgar, but he was overpowered and outsized by Gray Maynard tonight. Maynard completely lifted Edgar off his feet and slammed him with ease three times in the second round. The fight was close for the first two rounds, but Maynard had the edge in the third, imposing his will with his wrestling and strength. For Edgar in the 155 lbs. division it really only gets tougher as far as big, strong guys who are dropping a ton of weight to get down to 155 lbs. Edgar doesn’t cut much weight and he can make the 145 lbs. division, a place where I think he is much better off. WEC is making their fight league the premiere place for the lighter weight classes and it might do Frankie some good to test the waters at a weight where he might be more dominant.

The Tim Boetsch hype train has lost a good amount of steam.

Boetsch has potential, don’t get me wrong, but he was not ready for a guy as freakishly strong and as good of a wrestler as Matt Hamill. Having Hamill on top of him for the better part of a round really took the wind out of Boetsch. He looked crisp to begin with, but his cardio was nowhere near where it needed to be to compete with someone like Hamill. Both guys are still incredibly rough around the edges and Hamill certainly had his scares in the fight, eating some big knees and punches from Boetsch. He was too much for Boetsch in the end. Let’s let Boetsch get some more fights under his belt in the UFC before we start talking crazy again.

Oh, and did Joe Rogan really say “rape choke” during the replay of the end of this fight when Hamill was on top of Boetsch? Damn. I love Rogan and his announcing, but “rape choke” on Spike TV might be taking it a little too far.

The Houston Alexander hype train has come to a screeching halt.

Two big KO wins, one TKO loss, and a KO loss. Houston Alexander is now 2-2 in the UFC against mid-level competition outside of his win against Jardine. He has little to no ground game, as we saw against Thiago Silva. And now his chin is in question after a glancing punch from James Irvin hit him on his jaw. Where does Houston Alexander go from here? He certainly makes things exciting, either knocking someone out or getting knocked out himself, but that’s no way to live as a successful fighter. Houston was supposed to be the UFC’s “next big thing” and this was supposed to be a fight to put Houston over with the crowd again. Irvin spoiled those plans and honestly, an eight second knockout has to be a bit embarrassing for Houston. I imagine that next time Houston Alexander is on a card, it won’t be on TV or PPV. Just a hunch.

Nate Diaz passed his biggest test yet with flying colors (and fingers).

Forget about the first round. Let’s talk about how he came back after having the piss beat out of him for five minutes in the first round. Diaz’s guard is extremely dangerous and he has proven it on more than one occasion so far. If there’s one place you do not want to be on the ground with Diaz, it’s in his guard. Pellegrino recognized that to begin with and was constantly trying to pass, but if you give Diaz enough time, he’ll eventually catch you. And that’s exactly what happened. Diaz weathered the storm, waited for Pellegrino to make the mistake, and capitalized on it. Are there holes in his game that Pellegrino took advantage of? Surely. Was Diaz able to overcome all of that and still come out on top with an impressive victory over a very tough and seasoned opponent. Yes, and that’s all that really matters.

Anthony Johnson took Tommy Speer to school.

That’s really all there is to say about that.

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