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Fight Critic: Reviewing UFC Fight Night 13

icfc.jpgIt was a crazy night of fights last night on Spike TV and I think we all saw some things during UFC Fight Night 13 that we’ve never seen before and may never see again. If I was a betting man, I bet the house that we’ll never seen a Superman punch thrown immediately at the start of a fight that actually lands.

The outcomes were very surprising and I have to state for the record that my record on picks last night was god awful. It’s so bad that for my fight previews I am thinking about taking a hiatus from making actual picks. MMA is just too subjective and if you’re someone who can consistently make money betting on MMA, my hat is off to you. But at this stage, unless I am in Vegas, I think I’d bet on hockey before I’d bet on MMA.

I am giving the show a definitive thumbs up, as I really enjoyed all of the fights, however, the pacing of the show was once again tough to take. I guess it’s not a bad thing if you can find ways to keep yourself busy. I actually try to use the downtime during UFNs and TUF finales to catch up on phone calls. I just wish that some more innovative ways to incorporate less-intrusive advertising and sponsorships were introduced to the telecasts but I’m not holding my breath. My feeling is that the viewership would increase if the show moved quicker. But what do I know?

One thing that has to change is they need to stop killing Joe Rogan! Using him as a glorified entertainment correspondent and having him interview “celebrities” is not fair to him. It’s just really surreal seeing Rogan give you very technical analysis about ground fighting one minute and the next see him doing a fluff interview with some unknown comic involved with a Vince Vaughn documentary.

Spike has to do what it has to do to promote its shows but why not help Rogan out and have someone else conduct interviews that aren’t directly related to MMA? It would be the same as if CBS asked Phil Simms to leave the broadcast booth during a game in order to interview Jennifer Love Hewitt in the crowd in order to promote the “Horse Whisperer.” You know if they asked Simms to do that he’d be on the phone with his agent. Kudos to Rogan for rolling with the punches but I can’t imagine the effort it takes to pretend to be interested in interviewing random people from Spike’s galaxy of stars.

And did anyone see the irony in Rogan interviewing two DEA agents? Priceless.


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