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Kenny Florian Wants Roger Huerta Next

From The Fight Network:

“One fight I think that could be a blockbuster fight in the lightweight division is me and Roger Huerta,” Florian said. “I think that’s an incredibly marketable fight, a fight that could be the hottest fight right now in the lightweight division.”

I believe that yours truly said that this fight would be perfect for Florian’s next matchup to determine the number one contender spot in the division. Not too hard to call, so I won’t pat myself on the back too much, but KenFlo is absolutely right. This is a fight that needs to happen now. These two guys are the clear cut contenders for the title right now and it’s only natural that they face off against one another.

Huerta is on a little bit of a hiatus from fighting right now, I believe he said he was taking nine months off. Right around the time that Florian will be ready to go again, so should Huerta. Make it happen, UFC. Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind putting it on Spike TV that would be great, too.

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