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Kenny Florian Wants Roger Huerta Next

From The Fight Network:

“One fight I think that could be a blockbuster fight in the lightweight division is me and Roger Huerta,” Florian said. “I think that’s an incredibly marketable fight, a fight that could be the hottest fight right now in the lightweight division.”

I believe that yours truly said that this fight would be perfect for Florian’s next matchup to determine the number one contender spot in the division. Not too hard to call, so I won’t pat myself on the back too much, but KenFlo is absolutely right. This is a fight that needs to happen now. These two guys are the clear cut contenders for the title right now and it’s only natural that they face off against one another.

Huerta is on a little bit of a hiatus from fighting right now, I believe he said he was taking nine months off. Right around the time that Florian will be ready to go again, so should Huerta. Make it happen, UFC. Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind putting it on Spike TV that would be great, too.

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  • Davey D says:

    I’d really like to see this fight for sure. They should make it a headlining bout for another UFN down the line.

    Another fight I’d like to see is Nate Diaz vs. Joe Stevenson. That probably won’t happen but ya’ never known what they might do. I also think Manny vs. Gray would abe a good one to see too.

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  • Rich S. says:

    “I also think Manny vs. Gray would abe a good one to see too”

    manny just beat a no body.. and gray just beat someone that was wayyyy high on the title contender list..
    so, that one shouldn’t happen any time soon, either…

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  • Davey D says:

    Rich, I was just thinking about seeing them fight. Rankings and all else a side. After thinking a bit more about it. Maybe Nate vs. Manny would be a more possible fight with Manny saying he wants that fight anyways.

    I think Stevenson and Maynard train together so if they fought they’d have to fight for something very meaningful. I could be wrong?

    IMO, Diaz vs. Stevenson seems like a barn burner waiting to happen. You can’t say you wouldn’t watch, would ya’?


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  • Kelvin says:

    All #1 contender bouts should be on Spike IMO.

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  • Rich S. says:

    i would love to see nate/stevenson.. although i think stevenson would just be too big, powerful, and versed in sub defense for nate to catch him..

    and as for manny/nate..
    it’s kinda the same thing there..
    manny just fought a nobody..
    and nate just took out an amazing athlete and IMO one of the best LW’s..
    i’m suprised they’re not giving manny tougher guys seeing as how he’s been winning in 1 minute every time..
    that way.. manny’s fights wouldn’t be so easy.. and they could fuel the nate/manny rematch possibility faster and better..

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  • dedstrk says:

    I’d like to see a Manny/Nate rematch and I’d like to see Gray take on Clay to see if he really has it or not.

    I’d love to see Huerta beat Florian but I don’t think it’s going to happen that way unfortunately.

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  • fiveouncesofpainReader says:

    I think the UFC likes Huerta alot – I’m not sure they would give him a fight where he would be an underdog.

    Not saying I agree with that, just my perception of what the UFC would do.

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  • Patrick says:

    I agree that the UFC favors Huerta, and that favoritism is primarily based on achieving a higher market awareness within the latino community to be honest.

    I think they should put Gray up against Clay, Nate up against Manny (just get it out of the way already).

    Florian vs. Huerta is the smart choice for next contender, however… in all likelihood I think we’d see Florian beat Huerta and then Florian get destroyed by Sherk or Penn. Penn and even Sherk are SO far ahead of the rest of the weight class at this point it’s ridiculous.

    The fun fights (other than Penn vs. Sherk (go Penn!)) are not for the title in the LW division, it’s great just seeing this incredibly deep division go at it, even if it isn’t for the top spot which is very very secured at the moment.

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  • godzillad says:

    Can’t blame Huerta for wanting to finish his degree.

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  • russ says:

    I would also like to see Huerta and Florian fight,but I would love to see a Huerta/Clay II fight :)
    Manny v. Diaz fight would be good,and Maynard v. Clay as well.

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  • Shawn says:

    Honestly I thin Clay vs Gray would be amazing. Clay Guida is in the top 10 lightweights in the UFC. I would personally rank him around 6 or 7 despite his win loss record in the company. The guy is game for anyone and is always tough and if he loses it’s by a hair. No lightweight in the UFC has started out fighting as tough competition as Clay Guida has and I believe that as fact. Gray Maynard just proved himself as a legit contender and both Clay and Gray are at a point where each needs to cement themselves. The winner of that fight would be a top 3 contender in my book on top of the fact that it would be an amazing fight. Gray might be fighting a guy witha wrestling background like he did against Edgar but I don’t think his size would impose such a problem as it did against Frankie. Plus, they’re fucking names rhyme. What else do you want Dana and co.?

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  • […] and lives in the Minneapolis area, so this seems like a no brainer. Word on the street is that Kenny Florian wants Huerta next, so hopefully the UFC is listening. Florian vs. Huerta would be a solid addition to that […]

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  • glock says:

    Clay N Gray, Huerta N Florian two perfect match ups .

    After watching Huerta/Garcia again the other day I think garcia might be a good fight
    for Nate, (though I missed garcia’s loss to cole so I don’t know how he looked there) But I do know they can both take a beating and still function, real heart.

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  • Damien says:

    Kenny vs huerta is gonna be sick! I think kenny is more well rounded! He’s def better on the ground I’m picking kenny by submission!

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