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Pete Sell: Georges St. Pierre “is a mental midget”

Pete Sell has some very interesting things to say in a new interview with Bryan Levick at, including calling Georges St. Pierre a “mental midget.” Now if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is:

Fight Ticker: What are your thoughts on GSP as a man and as a fighter?

Sell: GSP is an awesome athlete. He has all the tools to dominate but he is a mental midget — his mentality is very weak. He is a very nice guy and I have hung out with him, but I don’t like the way he flip-flopped after the first fight with Serra. GSP was cool right after the fight but about 5 weeks afterwards he started making excuses saying he didn’t train properly, then GSP retracted and said Serra was the better man that night, well what was it? I don’t like how his story changed. I believe that all the pressure is on GSP, especially considering he is fighting in front of his countrymen. Serra thrives on the pressure and likes the underdog role. Matt Serra is all heart and GSP is the type of guy that if they were in a bar GSP would back down from a fight while Serra is down for whatever.

So let me get this straight. GSP is the kind of guy who would back down from a fight in bar and Serra is the kind of guy who would throw down no matter what? And somehow GSP is the mental midget? I don’t get it. Anyways, Sell is an entertaining guy to listen to, so I recommend checking out the entire interview. It’s chock full of goodies.

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