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Report: Roger Huerta to return at UFC 87

This comes from the folks at MMA Madness:

MMAmadness’ own Ryan McKinnell has learned exclusively from a very reliable source, that UFC Lightweight superstar Roger Huerta will be making his Octagon return in Minneapolis on the UFC’s August card. An opponent has yet to be announced. Let the speculation begin…

Sounds about right for him to make his return. Plus, he trains and lives in the Minneapolis area, so this seems like a no brainer. Word on the street is that Kenny Florian wants Huerta next, so hopefully the UFC is listening. Florian vs. Huerta would be a solid addition to that undercard.

  • mike says:

    This will be an amazing fight! Two LWs who inflict punishment. This is when a non-champ bout has to be 5 rds cuz its basically for the no. 1 contender/next title shot. (vs im praying BJ)

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  • ranger1071 says:

    Dear Mr. UFC,

    Please, please, puuuuuuuuuuuuuuulease let your golden boy Roger play with Kenny, pretty please? We know you want him to carry you into Latino markets and one day maybe hold the belt, but this fight makes so much sense to all of us little people down here on Earth. We wanna see this war Mr. UFC. Please let Roger come out and play with Kenny.


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  • mike wolfe says:

    Who else does Florian have to fight before he gets a title shot? Is he first in line for the winner of Penn/Sherk? I’d love to see him fight Huerta, but that seems like he’s treading water rather than moving forward towards the title shot.

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  • AG Silver says:


    Are you implying that the “Latino market” is detached from the rest of the world and that they want different types of fights that those of you “little people on Earth”?

    KenFlo v The Matador makes sense on any planet, universe, or plane of existence.

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  • Danny says:

    Huerta will get handled if he continues to fight with reckless abandonment. he escaped in that fight against guida.

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  • BJJDenver says:

    #4, it has been widely rumored for some time, that Huerta was being pushed for mass appeal to the Mexican audience, one of the most rabid fanbases on the planet. UFC is expecting to make a foray into Mexico City soon, and Huerta was to be their poster-boy. In no way is that demeaning to Mexicans, simply good business strategy.

    I have always been suspect of Huerta, but i admit, he impresses me more with each fight. I am a Guida fan, and I felt Clay was easily handling Roger, but he hung in there and caught a break, which is a huge part of the fight game.

    I would love to see a Huerta/Florian fight, which i would expect to follow the same lines as the Guida fight, but I would be somewhat surprised if the UFC made that fight and risked damaging “the Matador” (always thought it should be Roger “El Muerta” Huerta, lol).

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  • Eric says:

    These two are the obvious matchup, winner fights Penn/Sherk for the title….But i personally can’t help but feel if Florian or Huerta ( i would have my money on huerta ) went on to fight either Penn or Sherk, they wouldn’t stand a chance against either…

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  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Penn v. Florian would be the most competitive title match. I don’t think Sherk can beat Penn, and I think Florian beats Huerta because of a better ground game.

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  • Ryan M says:

    Hey guys what’s up, I broke the story. Thought I would chime in. Roger is a buddy of mine and we chatted for about an hour and a half. This man is not exactly what you see on TV and read in mags. As far as who he is fighting I can’t yet officially say, but down the road WHEN he fights for the title don’t be surprised if he pulls it off. This mans dedication and drive are like nothing I’ve ever seen and he has an unwavering belief in himself and for the people he fights for (fans, friends, and most importantly family). I think Kenflo vs. Roger would be a great fight and I hope the powers that be make it happen :) Just thought I’d chime in on Mr.Caplan’s fine site :)

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  • The House says:

    Not trying to hug any nuts here but if you look at Huerta right before the start of round three in the Guida fight it was like he turned into a different fighter. I am a fan of both these guys and was amazed (although I shouldn’t say amazed cause Clay is an incredible fighter) at how dominant Clay was the first two rounds. But after seeing the look in Huerta’s eyes at the beginning of round three I had no doubt in my mind he was going to pull it out. Florian is an incredible JJ guy and Clay was a beast during his match but I might give this fight to Huerta if they do fight. I hope I don’t jinx this from happeneng……

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  • RYAN T says:

    OK!!!people you dont know shit when huerta fights at 87 he should fight sherk after sherk woops bj’s ass and gets the title back. Huerta is next in line for a title shot. Screw Kenny Florian Huerta would woop his ass….

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  • Drew Woodard says:

    ok bj beats sherk. and then i say florian gets the first title shot. even though i’d love to see him fight huerta he has earned another title shot already. i think it’d be better if we saw the loser of the sherk/penn bout fight huerta or tyson griffin. plus florian vs penn would be just as amazing as florian vs huerta

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  • aceyeager says:

    ryan i agree about florian getting ass whooped by huerta. but bjs gonna submit sherrk in the late 1st early 2nd

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  • Mike T. says:

    I’m a fan of both guys, but ken-flo had his shot at the belt and came up short. I think it’s Huerta’s turn for a chance at the title. He’s been fighting whoever the UFC has put in front of him with no questions asked and he’s been kicking ass. That third round win against Guida was proof enough that the guy is tough and he ain’t going down easy. He’s paid his dues, he always gives an exciting performance,give the guy a shot at the title. And yes I think also agree that Huerta would stomp Florian.

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