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Kenny Florian to fill in for Joe Rogan at UFC 83

From MMA Weekly:

“I’ll be commentating actually, start to finish, my first, my debut as the co-commentator,” said Florian on MMAWeekly Radio Friday night. “I’ll be there with Goldie. Goldie will be leading the way; he’ll be the quarterback. I’ll be the kind of back up.”

The article goes on to say that Rogan will not be in attendance due to prior obligations. Florian did a good job in his first time out as a commentator during the Clay Guida vs. Roger Huerta fight. With just he and Goldie in the booth, Florian will get an opportunity to say a little bit more and become more comfortable with the announcing. Plus, it’s always fun to hear a fighter talk about the fights because it gives you a better perspective of the technique and the thought process within a fight.

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