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Nate Diaz on Tyson Griffin: “That guy doesn’t want to fight me”

Nathan Diaz, fresh off of a very impressive second round submission victory over Kurt Pellegrino at last Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night 13 has shared his thoughts on another UFC lightweight in Tyson Griffin.


“That guy (Tyson Griffin) doesn’t want to fight me because he thinks he’s somewhere higher up than me? I just beat a guy that’s better than him. When was the last time he finished a fight anyways against any 155 pounder that was half decent on the ground..oh yeah never.”

These is an extensive back story involved between Griffin and both the Diaz brothers. To briefly summarize, Griffin used to train with the Diaz brothers but he left them to train with Xtreme Couture and both Nate and Nick Diaz saw that as an act of betrayal and have been dirty on him ever since.

I think that a fight between Griffin and Diaz would make a lot of sense now, considering Griffin has worked his way back up into the title picture and Diaz has just leapt up the rankings with his win over Pellegrino. Add into that the bad blood between the two and you have a very intriguing, exciting and meaningful bout.

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