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Leonard Garcia comments on arrest

In comments made to MMA Junkie via email, Leonard Garcia briefly addressed his arrest in relation to a major cocaine trafficking ring in the El Paso, TX area:

“I am fighting it because there is nothing but someone saying I was involved,” said Garcia, who was released from jail on a reconnaissance bond and will return to court on May 5. “I hope to have a smile on my face after this is said and done, but I feel like I’m in a fight for my life.”

“I’d like to tell my fans to stick with me and pray that the liar in this case tells the truth,” Garcia said. “I want to get back to doing what I do best: fighting for the fans.

“Your past is exactly that. My life has a bright future, and people that don’t have that don’t want me to have one either. May God forgive them.”

“Me and my family are very strong,” Garcia said. “I was the glue that held us together. Now they are the wall that is protecting me and giving me support. We just ask everyone to keep an eye on this and to support us in this time of need.”

Nothing here that we didn’t expect, especially the news of Garcia fighting the charges. I don’t think any of us would admit to something that could net us forty years to life in prison without a due legal process. Like I’ve said before, let’s wait until this whole matter is resolved before we sling mud at Garcia. If he’s done something wrong, he’ll be punished for it, make no mistake about that.

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