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TUF 7 cast cut down from 32 to 16

tuf-7.bmpAfter tonight’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs. Team Forrest, sixteen fighters have been eliminated and sixteen will remain on the show to live in the house and compete for the contract. Those sixteen fighters are as follows:

  • Mike Dolce
  • C.B. Dollaway
  • Nick Klein
  • Jeremy May
  • Dante Rivera
  • Amir Sadollah
  • Cale Yarbrough
  • Paul Bradley
  • Matthew Riddle
  • Luke Zachrich
  • Timothy Credeur
  • Brandon Sene
  • Gerald Harris
  • Daniel Cramer
  • Jesse Taylor
  • Matt Brown

There were some very interesting and entertaining fights from tonight’s episode, including a vicious knockout of Dan Simmler. He was out cold from the first punch in the second round from Matt Riddle, but Riddle got in three more hard punches while Simmler was out cold on the mat. He didn’t have any clue where he was at and the doctors said his jaw was most likely broken. Brutal, brutal knockout. Probably one of the most vicious knockouts in the show’s history.

Jorge Gurgel Academy’s Matt Brown put on a great display of skill and tenacity in a win over Josh Hall, one of Rampage’s former teammates with Team Punishment. It was a very back and forth battle but Brown had the guts and the conditioning to ground and pound his way to victory. Also of note is that Luke Zachrich, who also fought his way into the house, fights out of Jorge Gurgel Academy as well which could make things interesting should the two have to fight one another down the line.

Upon first impression it seems like the first two shows of the season have successfully weeded out the more inexperienced and unprepared fighters and have really made it the best middleweight fighters possible. That is something I like because the competition on the show last year was extremely weak. I am impressed and very entertained with the show so far but we’ll see how long it lasts. Fighting your way into the house was a unique twist but from what the trailer looked like for the rest of the season, it’s back to business as usual: guys being idiots, getting drunk, destroying the house, etc. Let’s hope that it continues to be entertaining and doesn’t fall into the same, tired formula as the last few seasons.

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