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Frankie Edgar getting married; staying at 155 lbs., putting on weight

edgar_ufn13I caught up with Frankie Edgar after his hard fought decision loss to Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 13 to discuss some issues that arose during the fight as well as looking at what’s next for Edgar in the lightweight division.

Adam Morgan: Are you back in the gym already after that last fight or are you taking some time off?

Frankie Edgar: You know, I’ve worked out a couple times already. I try to get back to it pretty fast. I’m getting married here on Saturday so I have been taking a little time off.

Adam Morgan: Oh, you’re getting married on Saturday?

Frankie Edgar: Yeah, I’m getting married tomorrow so things have been kind of hectic.

Adam Morgan: Well, congratulations, sir.

Frankie Edgar: Thanks, man.

Adam Morgan: Getting into the fight itself, it seemed like a lot of guys at UFN 13 were visibly gassed during their fights. I asked you last time if you felt that the altitude would have any effect on the bout, you said no. Now having fought a hard fight, a full three rounds in that climate, would you say it had any effect on the fight at all?

Frankie Edgar: No, I really can’t say that it did. I went out there and I worked out before. I got a bunch of rounds in and felt fine. I felt fine going into the fight, so I don’t know. It just kind of happened real fast. I can’t say if I was completely gassed or not.

Adam Morgan: In the post fight interview, Maynard suggested that he won the fight because he was “just bigger.” Would you say that’s true, that his size presented the biggest problem of all?

Frankie Edgar: No, I just don’t think I fought my best fight, you know? He had a great gameplan and I’m sure his size, you know, he was bigger, that was obvious but I don’t know if that was the whole reason. I’m sure it had something to do with him being able to maybe get some takedowns and stuff like that. But I still don’t think I fought my best fight.

Adam Morgan: Was there anything about Gray Maynard or his game that surprised you at all?

Frankie Edgar: His game was a lot more cleaned up than I expected. Both of his fights he would come out fast paced and he kind of took his time so that surprised me a little bit. Otherwise I was ready for what he was gonna do.

Adam Morgan: Yeah, it looked like his boxing was cleaned up quite a bit and that his hands were improved. Did that surprise you at all?

Frankie Edgar: Yeah, I knew he was always willing to throw his hands but like I said, this time it was much more cleaner, straighter punches, things like that.

Adam Morgan: What do you feel was the biggest thing you took from that fight so far?

Frankie Edgar: I just didn’t focus I think. I lost focus somewhere during this fight and I really wasn’t listening to my corner as much as I should have. I just gotta make sure I stay focused throughout the whole fight, that’s the biggest thing. And some technical stuff that I think I could improve on as well.

Adam Morgan: What was your corner telling you to do?

Frankie Edgar: I really wasn’t throwing punches. When I was getting some combos off I kind of would back up when maybe I should have been throwing a little more. Should have been moving a little more on my feet instead of giving him such a good target for takedowns.

Adam Morgan: It seemed like after the first two rounds it was a very close fight and could have gone either way at that point. Did you feel a sense of urgency going into the third round knowing that the fight was on the line in that round?

Frankie Edgar: Yeah, I definitely did. He got a couple of takedowns and it was pretty frustrating. I had a hard time getting up on him. It was there for me, he just executed his gameplan well and fought a good fight.

Adam Morgan: Would you like a rematch against Maynard?

Frankie Edgar: Absolutely man. I don’t wanna be cheesy and say I want it right away. I’ll go and get some fights in but you always wane beat the guy that beat you up. I think that’s something I would definitely like to do in the future.

Adam Morgan: There have been some people talking about 145 lbs. being a more natural weight for you after this fight and feel that you might be better off served in the featherweight division in Zuffa’s other company, World Extreme Cagefighting. Do you have anything to say in response?

Frankie Edgar: I ain’t going anywhere, I guess that’s my response. I’m staying at 155 lbs.

Adam Morgan: Okay, so it’s still your plan to remain at lightweight and still try to contend for a title there?

Frankie Edgar: Absolutely, absolutely.

Adam Morgan: Would you be open to dropping to 145 lbs. if Zuffa asked you to?

Frankie Edgar: I don’t know, it’s something I’d have to really think about. It’s an option, I definitely can make the weight, but I’d rather try to put some weight on and stay where I’m at. I like fighting in the UFC, you know?

Adam Morgan: So you are going to try to put some weight on?

Frankie Edgar: Yeah, I think that’s something I can improve on. You always try to improve on everything whether it be your boxing, your wrestling, jiu jitsu. I just think another aspect would be strength and size so that’s something I’m gonna improve on just like I want to improve on everything else.

Adam Morgan: Has the UFC approached you about what’s next?

Frankie Edgar: No. I don’t know, I’m just gonna try to shoot for something like summertime I’d like to fight again so we’ll see.

Adam Morgan: Any possible opponents on the table at this point?

Frankie Edgar: Nah, nothing at all that I know of.

Adam Morgan: Well, that’s all I’ve got for you, man. Thanks for doing the interview with us.

Frankie Edgar: No problem, man. Thanks a lot.

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