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Randy Couture: Grappling match with Angle still speculation

Randy Couture made some recent comments to MMA Weekly regarding the grappling match between he and Kurt Angle that Angle has been talking up for quite some time now, saying it’s signed on the dotted line, etc. According to Randy, Angle may be jumping the gun a bit:

“I’m not too worried about it either way,” said Couture. “When it is signed on the dotted line and it can really be a reality then I will definitely start training and getting myself into top grappling shape, sharpening all those tools for a match with him.”

“There’s some hoops to jump through, me first and foremost getting cleared of the UFC,” Couture stated. “I’m sure they’re not going to give me permission to do anything at this point while I’m under contract with them.”

Hopefully Angle shuts his trap now, but judging from his past history that probably won’t happen. It’s no surprise that the one big thing standing in the way of making this happen is the UFC and Randy’s contract with them. Randy probably can’t even go to the bathroom without conferring with his lawyers these days.

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