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YAMMA Pit Fighting Quick Results

    Heavyweight Quarterfinals:

    Alexey Oleinik > Sherman Pendergarst, sub (choke), Rd1 (4:18)
    Chris Tuscherer > Tony Sylvester, decision
    Travis Wiuff > Marcelo Pereira, decision
    Ricco Rodriguez > George Bush III, decision

    “Master Fight”:

    Oleg Taktarov > Mark Kerr, sub (kneebar), Rd1 (1:50)

    Heavyweight Semifinals:

    Chris Tuscherer > Alexey Oleinik, decision
    Travis Wiuff > Ricco Rodriguez, decision

    “Master Fight”:

    Pat Smith > Butterbean, sub (strikes), Rd1 (3:17)

    Heavyweight Final (YAMMA HW Title):

    Travis Wiuff > Chris Tuscherer, decision


– Wiuff, while winning, still isn’t good enough to make a major promotion.

– Butterbean needs to stop fighting mixed martial arts. He gets hit a couple of times and taken down and he simply quits.

– Everyone’s favorite fighter, Oleg Taktarov, is the only reason I don’t feel dirty having watched this.

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