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The Rules of MMA for CBS Saturday Night Fights (video)

Here’s a quick video clip of referee Herb Dean going over the rules for mixed martial arts bouts in preparation for the May 31st CBS Saturday Night Fights event. CBS released this video on their official YouTube profile and hopefully it airs several times before the fights on May 31st. It features Nick Diaz and Jake Shields with Herb going over the finer points of the rules to show people that MMA isn’t “barbarism” like some have called it.

This is exactly the kind of thing that EliteXC and CBS should be doing to gain more viewers. Like it or not, there are still people who are clueless about the sport and hate it for no apparent reason other than “it’s too violent.” Well, of course it’s violent. It’s a fight. But there are plenty of rules and regulations, things you can and cannot do. And it’s much more regulated than most people who know nothing about it believe. Like I said, hopefully this is aired several times before the fights so people can go into the thing with an open mind.

HT: The Savage Science

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