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Matt Serra: St. Pierre has gotten “gun-shy”

As if you needed anymore fuel to add to the fire for tonight’s event, Sherdog has a great pre-fight interview up with Matt Serra. He goes into detail about a lot of things, including his mindset, his training, his trainer and good friend Ray Longo, and more. But this nugget stuck out to me the most: And this time around? The circumstances are quite different.

Serra: Well, I still think he’s looking at it … it’s interesting because he’s an interesting guy. Who knows what he’s thinking. He’s been more of the wrestler lately. I think he’s gotten a little gun-shy.

I don’t think Serra’s exactly correct here. Yes, GSP has certainly been more of a wrestler recently but I think that’s with very good reason. If you let your hands and feet fly against wrestlers like Josh Koscheck and Matt Hughes, GSP’s last two opponents, you leave yourself susceptible to takedowns. If there’s one thing that GSP didn’t want during those two fights, it was either of those two guys on top of him. So what does he do? Beat them at their own game. I don’t think it has anything to do with being gun-shy and everything to do with gameplan.

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