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Dave Meltzer on why GSP vs. Silva is a bad idea

Dave Meltzer weighs in on what’s ahead for Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva should they continue to win as well as how well he thinks the UFC would do at Olympic Stadium in Montreal should they hold a potential GSP vs. Silva fight there in the future:

If St. Pierre and Anderson Silva keep winning, they do gigantic at the stadium, but if it was me, that’s a fight I wouldn’t book even though it would do huge business. In the long run, you don’t want to put your top stars in with people that much bigger, because that’s what Pride did with Sakuraba. Having been around both, there is a huge size difference between the two. St. Pierre doesn’t seem like he wants to make the move, but if it’s pressured on him, I think he’d do it. Problem is Silva doesn’t want to move to 205 and is running out of opponents.

I have never seen GSP and Silva side by side or even in the same picture as the other so I really have no reference as to their relative size. Is Meltzer talking about Silva’s length, his height, his build? GSP’s build looks much larger than Silva’s but Silva’s got a much larger and lanky frame. Either way, what’s wrong with having these guys in a one-off fight at a catch weight with no titles on the line?

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