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Report: Kalib Starnes cut from UFC contract

It looks like those who predicted that Kalib Starnes would no longer be with the UFC after his shameful performance in the Octagon at UFC 83 were correct. According to Yahoo! Sports, Starnes has been cut from his contract:

After losing a unanimous decision on scores of 30-26, 30-27, and an unheard-of 30-24, Starnes received even worse news: He was cut from his contract by UFC president Dana White.

“He just doesn’t belong in the UFC and after his performance the other night, he should consider a new line of work,” White said Monday.

Ouch. That hurts. If there’s one thing that Dana White hates more than anything, it’s guys who don’t come to fight or guys who put on boring fights. Starnes didn’t come to fight on Saturday and spent the whole fight running away from Quarry, who was brutalizing Starnes whenever he had the chance. I have no doubt that another promotion will pick Starnes up, but this should be a lesson to him.

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