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Matt Hughes: “I found myself rooting for Serra”

In Matt Hughes’ most recent blog entry on his website he gave his recap of the Matt Serra and Georges St. Pierre bout that took place this past Saturday at UFC 83.


GSP had a good game plan to take Matt Serra down and wear him out. I found myself rooting for Serra at the end of the second round, I wanted him to make it to the third round. I thought if it would get to the third round GSP would decide to stand up with him and possibly knock him out. I just wanted Matt to get beat on for five rounds, not just two; but I knew the ref was about ready to stop it. The UFC said that if Serra loses I get him, but I don’t know when that will be. I’m going to guess six to eight months, so I’ve found myself watching my diet and exercising more.

Well, if you wondering whether or not there was still interest in a fight between Hughes and Serra then I guess this blog entry proves it.

I guess I should apologize for luring you in with a headline that was kind of out of context. But fear no more, the sky is still blue, donuts are still plentiful and Matt Hughes is still a douche bag.

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