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Ecko Unltd to make MMA apparel push?

ecko1.jpgecko2.jpgThe Ecko Unlimited apparel company is the latest major brand to get involved in MMA. They recently rolled out a line a fight shorts (seen sporadically on some UFC fighters on the last few events) and Five Ounces of Pain also hears Ecko Unltd may be launching a full line of gear specific to MMA.

If you’re a fighter (or just want to look like one) you can snag yourself a pair of the newest ECKO fight shorts HERE.

This could be as big or bigger for MMA than the UFC/Budweiser adv deal – Ecko would by far become the biggest clothing wholesaler to specifically target mixed martial arts.

Before some of you start shouting, “what about TapouT?!?!” here’s a comparison:

  • Marc Ecko Enterprises does over $500 million in sales a year;
  • TapouT brought in over $25 million in 2007 (up from $6 mill in 2006).

That’s like a candle in the sun – that shit don’t even out. We’ll keep you updated…

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