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Five Ounces editor headed south…

morgans_move.jpgThe staff of Five Ounces of Pain wants to wish safe travels our pal Adam Morgan on his trek this weekend into the deep South. Morgan is packing up the Oldsmobile and moving from Cincinnati, OH to Hattiesburg, MS. What’s in Hattiesburg (besides the University of Southern Mississippi) you ask? Adam’s main squeeze is down there and apparently he’s convinced her it’s a totally awesome idea that they should move in together. He ensures us he’ll be online and posting again next week.

For those of you that don’t know, Adam is part of the Five Ounces trifecta (Caplan, Cava, Morgan) that teamed up to run this lil’ site back in Aug of ’07.  He’s the senior editor of this site and also contributes to Extreme Fighter magazine.

Good Luck Adam.

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