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No, Iron Ring does suck

I’m someone that constantly enjoys playing devil’s advocate and arguing with people. But not even I dare defend the utter trash that is Iron Ring. Kid Nate over at BE decided to try and defend the show but basically just said it’s good because it’s successful and has neat camera angles. Well neat flashy camera angles are the reason I can’t watch MTV anymore, I’m getting too old and last time I tried I had a seizure.

the same old whining from MMA fanboys who resent the success of Iron Ring

First of all it’s never good to start any type of opinion piece by stereotyping everyone that disagrees with you into a group lower than you as if to place yourself as superior.

No, I can’t just dislike Iron Ring for the obvious reasons or think it’s god awful, it’s because I’m an MMA fanboy and I deeply resent they’re doing well. I suppose I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars only because I’m a dancing fanboy and I resent their success. It’s not that it simply isn’t my demographic or I’m not a fan, no, there is an ulterior motive.

It can’t be because a majority of the owners and coaches make the show less watchable than one hosted by Kalib Starnes and Tim Sylvia. T.I., which I previously thought was a calculator, saying he “ain’t never been touched” wasn’t obnoxious at all. Especially considering 90% of people in a room with him at any given time could probably throw him through a window. No, I love self-indulgent nonsense, it’s my cup of tea. Stay tuned for BET’s next highly rated series, Iron Rook, where celeb coach T.I. will discuss how Bobby Fischer ain’t got nothing on him.

How about when the Japanese fighter was fighting the black fighter and you heard shouts of, “SEND HIM BACK TO JAPAN!” Where is their Emmy?

Make sure you don’t teach jiu-jitsu and instead point out punching to the head with a kung fu style works the best. Oh and make sure you laugh at the guys warming up because as they stated on the show, you don’t get no warm up for a street fight! Hmm, I thought that’s what all of the cursing and lurching forward like you’re going to hit someone was.

Final side note about Krazy Horse Bennett. At one point he rightfully pointed out he could take the rappers around him in a fight. When called out on it he surveyed the situation and said he was just kidding. I didn’t think a guy who has been arrested 60 times could lose street cred….

Look, watch the show if you want, it’s your prerogative. But don’t call me names because I feel it insults my sport and my intelligence.

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