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Matt Hughes vs. Thiago Alves at UFC 85

It looks like the UFC’s scramble to save the event post-Liddell is going swimmingly.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight champion Matt Hughes will return to action on June 7 in London to face Thiago Alves in the main event of UFC 85, as confirmed from sources within Alves’ camp, as well as Hughes on his personal website.

No panic from the UFC as they quickly throw in hometown favorite Michael Bisping to fight Chris Leben on the UK show and now add this fantastic matchup. I’d personally take those two fights over Liddell vs Rashad in the first place. Kudos to the UFC for quick timing and good judgment.

Obviously Serra won’t be able to go again until the end of the year so a tune up fight for Matt Hughes against another top contender fits in perfectly. Win or lose for Hughes, a fight with Serra will still draw alot of interest while a win for Alves could make his career.

Click for updated UFC 85 fight card.

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