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Chuck Liddell fires back at Kimbo Slice

Chuck Liddell was a guest on Rear Naked Radio in Dallas over the weekend and took some more shots at Kimbo Slice:

“All I said is fight to someone real,” Liddell said. “The only guy he lost to in his street-fight things came into the UFC and lost. Fight a guy that is real and fight a guy… who has a few wins in MMA, and then talk about it.”

“That first fight they had on HDNet, he fought a guy that had been knocked out two times before in less than 30 seconds, and he tapped on his way down in [that] one,” Liddell said. “That was three fights that he lost in less than 30 seconds. How many guys do you know who’s done that? Talk about a tomato can.”

Liddell is referencing Bo Cantrell, Kimbo’s first professional opponent, in that last part. Don’t be surprised if the UFC makes a big run at Kimbo if he wins a few more fights to try and make a fight between him and Liddell happen. Dana White and Co. know that Kimbo is a draw and a fight between him and Liddell would sell a ridiculous amount of PPVs. It seems far fetched right now, but I am not discounting the thought for a second.

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