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Dave Meltzer: UFC could “easily” cut 50 fighters

Dave Meltzer has a new article up about Travis Lutter’s release from the UFC and he give us some insight as to how the UFC is going to determine who should go, why they should go, and how many fighters could possibly get the axe:

The decision has apparently been made not to stockpile fighters on contract to keep groups attempting to be competition from signing them.

There is no set number of how many cuts are forthcoming, but the total easily could top 50.

At the biggest risk are fighters who lose boring fights, or lose several fights in a row. The company is trying to emphasize action fights, using both the threats of not bringing people back with boring fights, and increasing the performance bonuses for having the best match or best finish on pay-per view events to $75,000.

Preliminary bouts are now going to become more important than they ever have been before. If someone loses a prelim, especially in boring fashion, it’s more than likely that the UFC will see them to the door. This is going to leave a lot of unsigned talent out on the free agency market for other promotions to nab up.

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