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Kenny Florian vs Roger Huerta at UFC 87

While DREAM is no doubt trying to finalize their card in the last 8 hours before the show, MMAWeekly is reporting the UFC is already booking for August with Kenny Florian vs Roger Huerta.

The fight comes as a surprise to no one but it’s nice to finally have confirmation after months of speculation. Many thought this was the card the fight would appear on as it takes place in the Huerta stomping ground of Minneapolis.

Huerta will make his first appearance in the Octagon this year after taking a voluntary break to heal his body after a ridiculously active 2007. Florian last appeared earlier this month with an impressive beating of Joe Lauzon on Fight Night 13.

This bout will very likely mean a title shot for the winner as Florian looks for his second attempt to take the belt home and the young Huerta looks to make a statement.

So the $64,000 question is…. who ya got?

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