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ROUND SEVEN of Five Ounces of Pain’s Fantasy MMA Mock Draft


Another round down. Round seven of Five Ounces of Pain’s Fantasy MMA Mock Draft is in the can.

In case you’re new to the site , you can re-live the glory of the previous rounds.

To make a long story short, this is not a pound-for-pound top fighter list. What we’re doing is essentially pretending that every fighter in the world is suddenly declared a free agent with six new organizations selecting talent through a draft format.

The idea is to see how six different fans would construct their organization and which fighters they would select to help them execute their vision. Much like real world MMA, every promoter has their different philosophy with each organization establishing its own identity.

The results to round seven are available by clicking below.

7.1 Adam Morgan: Josh Koscheck

Previous Picks: Georges St. Pierre (round 1), Kimbo Slice (round 2) and Jake Shields (round 3), Carlos Condit (round 4), Diego Sanchez (round 5) and Matt Hughes (round 6)

Analysis: Yet another surprise to me that Koscheck has lasted this long in the draft. He improves with each fight and is only going to get better. Kos has long talked about wanting a fight with Matt Hughes to determine who is the better wrestler, so why not give him the opportunity to make that happen? On top of that, Koscheck is a fighter that people either love or love to hate. He draws a reaction one way or another. People want him to win or want him to get his ass kicked. I don’t care which side you’re on as long as you buy a ticket or a PPV to see it. He has a ridiculous amount of exposure, is a fantastic welterweight for my deep division, and is extremely marketable. Thanks for letting me pick up two of the best welterweights in the division in the middle of the draft, guys! Appreciate it.

7.2 Mike Huckaby: Tim Sylvia

Previous Picks: Chuck Liddell (round 1), Forrest Griffin (round 2) and Wanderlei Silva (round 3), Andrei Arlovski (round 4), Mirko Cro Cop (round 5), and Rashad Evans (round 6)

Analysis: Fine, I lose some cool points with the judges, aka commenters. But he’s the best heavyweight on the board and without worrying about the UFC heavyweight title he’s going to be busting his ass and getting more knockouts. Hey, what happens if Sylvia knocks out Fedor? I will have single handedly scooped Sam Caplan and taken this sucker home. Will that happen? No. But he’s still a great pick I’m happy to have on my team. Who doesn’t want to see Arlovski vs Sylvia IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII? What? Why not? What if I tie their left arms together with shackles and they just stand there and punch each other? I thought so.

7.3 Ram Maramba: Frank Mir

Previous Picks: Quinton Jackson (round 1), Randy Couture (round 2) and Urijah Faber (round 3), Keith Jardine (round 4), Kid Yamamoto (round 5), and Lyoto Machida (round 6)

Analysis: I’m running out of time to snatch up a heavyweight to pair up with Couture. I better snatch up Frank Mir before the bottom drops out of the heavyweights. Thankfully, Huck took the boring, doo-doo pants route and chose Sylvia over Mir. Sylvia’s one redeeming quality is that he’s easy to hate, a skill I’ll pass on in favor of top-notch jiu jitsu, a title-holding history (again, thank you Big Tim) and a fighter who’s also experienced behind the camera. Sure he’ll be gassed by the 3rd, but a grappling bout between him and Couture would be monumental. These two are in the mix as the two best grapplers at HW with the Nogs, Riccos and Gracies of the MMA world.

Speaking of Huck, you’re right, I was influenced by the crowd. I mean after all, I’m not nerdy enough to have done up a spreadsheet, created my own metrics, scouted rosters, viewed fights and came up with my own rankings based on weight, overall value and depth of division for some stupid fantasy draft, right? Wait, yes I am. I am that nerdy. My monolithic spreadsheet whirred for four hours and when the time came, it spat out “Machida.” But hey, if other people’s opinions matter that much to you, go for it. Just don’t be a Hector Projector.

Really, Sylvia’s a good pick, don’t let “cool points” get you down. We’ll still think you’re totally rad in that Members Only jacket.

7.4 Matt Cava: Paulo Filho

Previous Picks: B.J. Penn (round 1), Anderson Silva (round 2) and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (round 3), Jon Fitch (round 4), Matt Lindland (round 5), and Sean Sherk (round 6)

Analysis: Filho is a gift for me in the 7th round; my 185 lbs. division is jacked up! Ranked just behind Spider Silva as the number two middleweight in the world, Filho is an undefeated (16-0) powerhouse. At 30-years old, he’s got plenty of fighting to do for my league. His superb ground game can challenge Silva’s BJJ and handle Lindland’s wrestling, while his power can grind opponents out. Filho will provide exciting action, as nearly half of his wins have come by submission, while the other half by decision.

7.5 Sam Caplan: Rich Franklin

Previous Picks: Brock Lesnar (round 1), Fedor Emelianenko (round 2) and Josh Barnett (round 3), Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (round 4), Brandon Vera (round 5), and Dan Henderson (round 6)

Analysis: I really wanted to do something unconventional with this pick but thanks to my fellow promoters, I cannot pass up the gift they are trying to give me in Rich Franklin.

Other than the fact that he’s firmly entrenched as the number two middleweight in the world behind Anderson Silva, can you tell me what’s wrong with Franklin? He has a strong fanbase and always turns in exciting fights. As I alluded to earlier, getting a fight of his caliber this late is truly a gift.

My plan was not to go middleweight here but I have no other choice. And since I already have Dan Henderson, I don’t feel going with Franklin is going to force me to have to completely re-configure my draft strategy. I really like my heavyweight division, but I feel like I could end up with the best middleweight division considering I have two of the top three fighters at 185 pounds.

7.6 Sam Cupitt: Cung Le

Previous Picks: Frank Shamrock (round 1), Tito Ortiz (round 2), and Gesias “JZ Calvan” Calvancante (round 3), Takanori Gomi (round 4), Roger Huerta (round 5), and Kenny Florian (round 6)

Analysis: I have a pretty big chunk of my lightweight tournament right now and I thought I should probably give Mr. Shamrock a future opponent. Le’s stand up is a spectacle within itself and makes for very good viewing, whether you’re in the crowd or at home. Le has already beaten Shamrock so we already have the story in place for a rematch and even if Shamrock loses to Ortiz it won’t matter because he is fighting at 205 rather than at 185. This is why it is so great to have Frank Shamrock. I can put on a fight between two guys who aren’t even in the top 10 of their division, but you’ll watch it because Shamrock made you care.

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