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The Ultimate Fighter 7: Week 5 Recap

This week’s episode starts out with a recap of last week’s fight between Tim Credeur and Matt Riddle. It was a very entertaining fight with Credeur coming out on top via armbar in the second round. Credeur tells Riddle that he’s one of the toughest opponents that he’s ever faced and tells the camera that he thanks Riddle for making him a better fighter.

Credeur tells Riddle that he owes him an XBOX 360 and promises to buy Riddle one with his winnings for stopping the fight. Riddle is pretty stoked about getting an XBOX even though he lost the fight. His teammate Jeremy May, however, is not happy.

“You don’t defend the armbar and you get an XBOX,” is what May has to say during the van ride home. Cut the kid some slack, Jeremy. He fought his ass off against an experienced opponent. Riddle and his teammates are obviously a bit annoyed with Jeremy and his antics as a whole, not just this one incident. A lot of them think he needs to cool his jets, and I agree wholeheartedly.

During a Team Rampage training session, Rampage brings in Michael Bisping, season three winner, to motivate his camp. Bisping comes in and tells the guys what a great opportunity this is for them and to make the most of it.

Back at the house, Jeremy decides to play a practical joke on Team Forrest fighter Matt Brown by putting lime juice into his dip. Brown finds out about the prank before actually messing with the tainted dip and confronts Jeremy about the prank. He tells Jeremy that they’re not nearly buddy-buddy enough to joke around like that with one another. He also tells Jeremy that he was going to pick him to fight next anyways, so now that he has reason to beat him up, even better.

It seems like we’re headed towards a May vs. Brown matchup, but at the fight announcement, Forrest announces that we’ll see Brandon Sene (Team Rampage) vs. Dante Rivera (Team Forrest) in the next fight.

They cut to a one on one interview with Brown where he says that assuming they win the next fight, Brown will pick May to fight on the next episode.

The fight is quickly underway only twenty minutes into the episode, so I’m assuming we’ll go all three rounds in this one.

Brandon Sene vs. Dante Rivera

Round 1

Sene can’t stop Rivera from clinching him up against the cage and Rivera scores a takedown. Sene quickly scrambles back to his feet and the fighters clinch against the cage again where Sene lands hard body shots and knees to Dante’s legs. More clinching against the cage where both fighters jockey for position. Mazagatti eventually breaks them up and restarts them in the middle of the cage. Rivera lands a double leg takedown into side control but Sene works back to full guard and rains down elbows from the bottom. River goes for a kneebar, but Sene escapes as the round ends.

Round 2

More of the same as Rivera clinches Sene against the cage and secures a trip takedown. Sene eventually works his way back to his feet as Rivera is unable to do any kind of damage from top position. Rivera works for the takedown and Sene defends for awhile. Rivera eventually secures the takedown but is unable to do anything from half guard. He eventually gets swept by Sene. Sene ends the round on top, raining down punches and elbows from Rivera’s guard.

Mazagatti announces that we will see a third round (surprise, surprise).

Round 3

More of the same from both fighters. Clinching against the cage, working for the takedown. This fight has been absolutely piss poor. Dante spends most of the round on top controlling position and not doing any kind of damage and does enough to win the round.

WINNER: Dante Rivera via unanimous decision

Rampage is clearly pissed when they get back to the locker room because Brandon did the most damage during the fight while Rivera mainly stalled. Rampage flips over a couch or an ottoman or something in the locker room and has to step outside for a breather where he wrecks some more stuff in the parking lot.

Rampage: “I used to take anger management classes but they just made me angry.”

Team Forrest goes up 3-0 and before the episode ends we see the next fight selection. It will indeed be Jeremy May vs. Matt Brown next week. Let’s hope this episode isn’t any indication of episodes to come because this was vintage TUF awfulness.

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