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Rich Franklin to 205 lbs.?

Monte Cox was recently a guest on MMA Weekly Radio and told them that Rich Franklin is considering a move to 205 lbs.:

“Rich has to make a decision,” Cox told MMAWeekly Radio. “We’ve certainly considered going to 205 and seeing how he does up there.”

“He’s fought almost everybody in the 185-pound division,” said Cox. “There are some guys that he could fight, but if he beats them it knocks them out of title contention. And nobody is looking to see Rich and Anderson Silva 3 right now, including me.”

“It’s one of those deals where he’s such a big star, which helps. He’s loved everywhere he goes, a big ovation in Canada and all that. But he’s not helping the 185-pound division right now by beating everybody up in it,” commented Cox.

“We’ve talked about going to 205 and how would he match up with some of those guys, with a Forrest Griffin or a Keith Jardine. I think there’re some really good fights. There’s a whole bunch of 205’s that I think would be interesting.”

He continued, “In the end, we do what the UFC wants. If they want us to try 205, we’re up for it. If they want to keep us at 185, then we’ll do that too.”

This could be a good move for Franklin. He has clearly established himself as the second best middleweight in the UFC and almost nobody, including Franklin himself, wants to see him fight Anderson Silva for a third time. He’s fought at 205 lbs. before and had success there and there are big money fights for him in that division. Just for example, Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin is a fight that would draw a lot of interest from hardcores and casual fans alike.

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