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Kimbo Slice puts Forrest Griffin rumor to rest


Not too long ago Dana White made a comment to Deadspin regarding a fight between Kimbo Slice and Chuck Liddell, saying that Kimbo’s not ready for Chuck yet and that he heard a rumor that Slice had been knocked out by Forrest Griffin in a sparring session recently. According to a recent interview with Kimbo at MMA News, that’s not the case:

“No, there is no truth to that at all. It’s bullshit and Forrest Griffin will tell you that it’s bullshit too. The fact is it was a good sparring session and I was training with Forrest and he was talking to me about defending yourself at all times and then he threw a big kick and I was like “WOAH I never even seen that coming” but no I never got knocked out. Even if I did get knocked out, saying that and putting that rumor out there just makes you a pussy.”

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