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Frankie Edgar, Chris Liguori to train with UFC middleweight Ricardo Almeida

Frankie Edgar and Chris Liguori will begin training with Renzo Gracie black belt and UFC middleweight Ricardo Almeida to improve their jiu jitsu game, according to MMA Weekly. Here’s what Almeida had to say about the two young fighters:

“Frankie and Chris are great athletes, but even better people,” said Almeida about his new teammates. “They have been able to get very far in MMA already, so I can’t wait to see what will happen when they are able to add solid jiu-jitsu skills to their arsenals. I’m stoked to have them join our team.”

This can only be beneficial to both fighters, especially Edgar. He has been trying to improve his BJJ skills and training with a jiu jitsu player the caliber of Almeida, who has had success in MMA as well, is a great thing for Edgar and his overall game.

  • The House says:

    I think Edgar has gone about his whole fighting carrier the right way and I also think more fighters should pay attention. He fought, he won, he kept training. Got outwrestled and now needs to solve that problem. Having done nothing but train JJ the last year has made me wonder how much it would have helped my wrestling a couple years ago in high school. But thank god I’m not living in the past or anything….

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  • bjjdenver says:

    Almeida is a good guy and a great teacher. I don’t see how these guys couldn’t reap great benefits from this.

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  • glock says:

    Great news. I like Frankie a lot and this will add some more real depth to his game.
    I hope he keeps doin what he’s been doin, he needs this now as the LW division is getting even more stacked and there’s little room for losses with the line at the door so long. The last loss was no big deal as he fought a bigger version of himself, but he’s gotta get the big Mo swinging in his direction again. Training with a MW like almeida ( though I don’t remember much about his last fight it was quick) is also a good idea….

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  • matt says:

    ricardo’s gym is like 20 minutes away from my house im about to go there too ahah

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