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The Ultimate Fighter 7: Week 6 Recap

brown_may_tuf.jpgThis episode, as they told us at the end of last week’s episode, we have two fights on tap for the evening. First, we have Matt Brown vs. Jeremy May as we were told last week and another fight to be determined later.

After the fight pick of Brown vs. May, Team Forrest is riding back in the van cracking jokes about how they’re going to end up telling their grandchildren about Matt Brown. Brown has apparently earned himself quite the reputation in the house in a very short period of time.

Back at the house, Matt Riddle and Brandon Sene are doing a little bit of boozing and to everyone’s surprise, so is Jeremy May. Even Team Forrest is a little suspect of his actions, telling him he should probably be more responsible when he has to represent his team in a fight the next day while May talks about how he’s had twelve shots of vodka.

May reveals during a one on one interview that he had simply filled a vodka bottle with water and was taking shots of water. Oh Jeremy, you jokester you. It’s well established throughout the house that Jeremy is the outsider of the group and everyone in their own way reveals how much they can’t stand the kid. Tim Credeur even goes so far as to say that May represents an image that the sport has tried to distance itself from. Harsh words.

During a Team Rampage training session, Jeremy aggravates a previous knee injury that he was apparently struggling with during practice that puts him on the sidelines during training. He basically rides the exercise bike for the week before the fight and his teammates think that his injury may have taken him out of fighting shape.

Back at Team Forrest, we get a profile of Matt Brown who has apparently been through some pretty tough times during his life. Drugs, alcohol, stints in jail, street fights. You name it, Matt Brown’s been there and done that. He also apparently only has one speed during practice, and that’s full speed.

Forrest says that Brown has gone so hard on his teammates in practice that the least he can do is put a “W” under his belt when he steps into the cage with Jeremy May. They cut to Forrest and Brown sparring and they continue to go hard well after someone off camera has yelled for “time.” Brown looks to be an absolute beast when it comes to grit and determination.

Back at the house, Matt Riddle from Team Rampage tells Matt Brown about May’s knee injury. Even May’s own teammates are ratting him out, that’s how bad they can’t stand the guy. Riddle says he’d never normally do something like that but that he can’t stand Jeremy so much that he wants to see him get his ass kicked. Can’t say I blame him.

During one of the one on one interviews, May reveals that his knee is near one hundred percent and that he has been sandbagging the knee injury the entire time as to not burn himself out during practice. May even plays soccer in the house to demonstrate how well his knee is doing. We’ll see how the sandbagging pays off for him, because it’s fight time.

Matt Brown (Team Forrest) vs. Jeremy May (Team Rampage)

Round 1

May comes out firing with wild, looping strikes that Brown shrugs off and blocks. He continues to throw wild strikes while Matt absorbs them but doesn’t counter. Finally Matt counters and takes Jeremy to the ground and right into side control and then mount. The whole time this is going on, Forrest is screaming “I WANT TO SEE THE ANIMAL, MATT!” and his voice is cracking. It’s making for quite the hilarious soundtrack for this fight. Jeremy scrambles his way back to his feet while Brown looks for an armbar but is unable to secure it. May stands over Brown and throws some punches and the two scramble for position on the ground and then back on the feet.

May is looking real gassed at this point and Brown is able to land with some of his strikes, rocking Jeremy to the ground where he absorbs more punishment. As May gets up he is clearly dazed and out of gas and eats a big knee which sends him reeling against the cage where Matt Brown delivers a knockout kick directly to May’s jaw which forces Herb Dean to step in and save Jeremy May from taking anymore punishment.

WINNER: Matt Brown via knockout, round one

Jeremy says that he’d like to fight Brown again because it wouldn’t go down like that and that Brown got lucky. He also concedes that sandbagging the knee injury probably had a lot to do with his loss and his lack of conditioning. Duh.

Team Forrest goes up 4-0 on Team Rampage and they go right to the next fight pick. We’ll see Luke Zachrich from Team Forrest taking on Dan Cramer from Team Rampage after Team Forrest decides on the matchup via the most complex manner: a coinflip.

Zachrich feels he has something to prove because he was picked absolutely dead last during fighter selections. Cramer, on the other hand, is the pretty boy of the house and his housemates think he should be in Abercrombie & Fitch ads instead of fighting.

Back at the gym, Rampage asks Forrest how he’s been picking such good matchups for his team and such good fights in general. Forrest lets him in on the secret of the coinflip which baffles Rampage even more. He confers with his coaches and they tell him not to believe everything that Forrest says, but in reality it’s true. They are literally relying on coinflips to determine the matchups.

Speaking of matchups, it’s fightin’ time.

Luke Zachrich (Team Forrest) vs. Dan Cramer (Team Rampage)

Round 1

Dan comes out firing with strikes and Zachrich fires back with some of his own after not being able to secure the clinch position. Cramer works Zachrich against the fence and fires away with knees to Luke’s body and legs. The fighters break and Zachrich clocks Cramer with a good right and Cramer closes the distance to clinch with Zachrich and lands a trip takedown. Neither fighter is able to secure a dominant position and both fighters are eventually back up to their feet. Cramer lands some solid shots but Zachrich responds by throwing him to the mat like he was Tim Boetsch throwing David Heath around.

Cramer bounces right back up and the two are involved in a wild striking exchange with Cramer landing a ton of solid shots and getting the better of it. The two continue on with the exchange, landing shots from the clinch when Zachrich finally secures a takedown to avoid taking more punishment. Luke moves to the mount and eventually secures Cramer’s back and tries to lock in a rear naked choke but is unable to secure the choke and lands a few more punches as the round ends. Great round.

Round 2

Cramer secures a takedown at the beginning of the round and lands in full mount where he rains down elbows and punches. Zachrich eventually gives up his back and Cramer forces him back to the mount position where he doles out more punishment. Mazzagatti warns Zachrich to fight back and he is unable to do so, forcing him to stop the bout after even more unanswered blows.

WINNER: Dan Cramer via TKO, round two

Team Rampage finally secures its first win and is now only down 4-1. They take control of the matchmaking duties as well, which Rampage is clearly happy about. Next week we’ll see the end of the preliminary fights and from what was shown it looks like we’ll see three fights in their entirety. Good rebound from last week’s show for the series.

  • ryan ramsay says:

    i have thanked the mma gods countless time already for jeremy may losing to a highlight reel head kick from matt brown. i dont think i could handled having to listen to him for the rest of the show, even with his “jeremy jitsu”.

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  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I enjoyed this episode very much. Mainly because I got to see Jeremy May kneed and then kicked in the face. That was so dellicious i don’t think I’ll eat dinner tonight.

    Only thing that was annoying was that my friends, who I’ve been trying to tell how technical and unbarbaric mixed martial arts is came over during the Zachrich Cramer fight. That fight was very exciting and all but wasn’t the most technical of fights. But meh, fuck em, I enjoyed it.

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  • slimm says:

    the 2nd fight was enjoyable yes, but watching May get KO’D with a kick to the face was great well worth watching it….. he might want to think twice before fucking with another mans dipp hahaha
    all and all this was a good TUF rather enjoyed it

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  • Fight Fan says:

    Ya know what sux…the fact that Australia gets this series about a year or 2 after its finished. So by that time I not only know who’s won but I’ve seen them lose to the champ, seen them fight, and lose, twice more and read the blog about them being dropped by the UFC.

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  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Hey Fight Fan, I’m Australian and I watch the show every week. But yeah for a while there I had no idea what the Ultimate Fighter was. I watched UFC 53 without knowing who Forrest Griffin was.

    But Fox is doing a decent job of putting more UFC related materials on. They are current showing the 5th season (which I have on DVD) and they show Fight Nights every other tuesday.

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  • Fight Fan says:

    Yeah and espn shows Stikeforce and EXC sometimes but they are old and way behind The States. Is there anyway of getting Spike or HDNet in Australia Sam?.

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  • Sam Cupitt says:

    No I wouldn’t but if you sent me an email at you could ask me how little I actually know about it…

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  • Anonymous Fan says:

    FightFan – Torrents are your friend here. I catch the show every week through them.

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  • Patrick says:

    Quite happy Brown KO’d May. You don’t fuck with other peoples shit, be a man and be a professional so people don’t equate this stuff with brawling real world kiddies.

    Second fight, for me at least, sucked. No real technical skills shows at all, both of them gassed like… halfway through the first. It was weak, poor display on both of their parts.

    Glad Rampage has control, if only because maybe he’ll talk more. Rampage = best part of the show, 90% of the shit he says cracks me up.

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  • Rich S. says:

    i’m glad you guys are happy…
    but i can’t say the same..
    May had some skill..
    and i wanted him to go the distance this season..
    but as soon as i saw that Matt “Motherf***ing’ Brown was fighting him, let alone extremely pissed at him..
    i got kinda sad..
    i really thought that brown would be too mad, too aggressive.. and get taken down and sub’d or something.. but.. i was wrong.. unfortunately..

    if May was fighting ANYONE ELSE… he would’ve won..
    it was Matt ‘Motherf***ing’ Brown…

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  • Patrick says:

    I’m pretty sure May would of gotten destroyed by Riddle, Tim, C.B., Sene, and a lot of the other guys. He didn’t work for it, he gassed immediately, his strikes looked weak and his entire style was just complete mismanagement. Gotta disagree with you Rich S.

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  • Schlegel says:

    Another great night of fights for Cincinnati guys, yeah I know, Zachrich lost, but he put on a good show and I think we wills ee more of him in the future. And I will admit i was never more proud of a cincinnati athlete as i was when Matt Brown planted his foot in May’s face. War nati!

    May is just a POS in general. Trying to claim he used the knee as an excuse to stay fresh for the fight and not overtrain, and then after gassing he tries to use the knee as an excuse, LMFAO, c’mon guy, get real.

    I’m not your Guy….. Buddy!

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  • JacRabbit says:

    Seriously, the Brown/May fight was sloppy, lack luster, and far below expectations. With that being said, I was happy to see May get KTFO

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  • Rex says:

    Both of the fights were pretty sloppy. That being said, they were both exciting bouts. I would have to give this episode a B+. I cant wait to see CB fight next week.

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  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Jeremy May looked absolutely terrible. His striking made Koji Oishi blush. The most limp dick arm punches I have ever seen. Then his grappling wasn’t much better as Brown gained side control and mount pretty damn easily. Then to top it off he gassed after 2 minutes as a result of him being a douche bag and not training properly even when he had a world class gym and top fighters training him.

    Jeremy May takes the crown of the most deserving person ever to get kicked in the face.

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  • Mike Ringer says:

    Jeremy May is a good example of how despite Dana’s best efforts, dumbasses still get on the show. Sure.. he didn’t do something lame like quit the show because of his two month old “relationship”. Instead he chose to sandbag his workouts when he had access to some of the best training available to an up and coming fighter. Fighting your way onto the show was an interesting change, but it doesn’t gauge your work ethic. If it did, Jeremy May wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near a slot on this show.

    Ultimately the jokes on him though because he just sandbagged his career.

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  • Jay K. says:

    “# 15 Sam Cupitt Says:
    May 8th, 2008 at 10:57 am
    Jeremy May looked absolutely terrible. His striking made Koji Oishi blush. The most limp dick arm punches I have ever seen.

    True dat!!

    That lanky M’Fer couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag, and I DID see the fight that got him in the house. The ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’ kid should STFU and learn.

    Big Question though…

    “Who won the first round of the Cramer vs. Zacharich fight?”

    I liked Cramer for the head shots on Luke.

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  • Mike Wolfe says:

    I enjoyed the fights, but they reminded me of high school grudge matches in the parking lot or brawls at the corner saloon. Not very technical. Furthermore, every single one of those guys was visibly tired mid-way through the first round. Cramer came out in the second with some bounce, but none of them seemed to be as conditioned as I expected.

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  • Patrick says:

    The thing that makes me so angry is how May wasted this chance… seriously, if I got a shot at training with Juanito Ibarra, I’d damn well take advantage of it. May was a waste of space, the fights were lame and sloppy, glad Brown fucked him up and as to May’s comment of 1 in a million, yeah, those are better than the chances of you winning.

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  • Guy Gaduois says:

    It is intensely difficult to understand how any fighter could manage not to be tuned up to fight in that environment. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, and some of these cats can’t keep their edge for a month? It’s not like they have to endure this for a year. It’s not like they’re lacking anything but the “Mo” to go grab their dream. It’s staggering.

    Increases my already high respect for fighters of great longevity (Hughes, Franklin) who have so many title defenses over such a long time. Also, some of the ‘new’ fighters like Anderson Silva and Uriah Faber – where they consistently keep that edge because every fight they have is high stakes title defense. That’s a mental toughness and a physical toughness that many of these UltFighter kids don’t seem to get.

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