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5 Oz. of Pain interview with Jeremy May from “The Ultimate Fighter 7″

may_tuf7 During last night’s episode of “The Ultimate Fighter 7,” Jeremy May became one of the latest fighters to be eliminated from the middleweight tournament after losing via knockout at the hands of Matt Brown.

Courtesy of Spike TV, was able to speak with May a day after the loss was shown on television. We not only were able to get Jeremy’s thoughts on the fight itself, but also how he felt about his portrayal on the show, his knee injury, his beef with Matt Riddle, and a lot more.

Adam Morgan: After having a chance to watch a few episodes of the show, do you feel that the way they represented you on television was a fair assessment of how things really went down?

Jeremy May: It’s funny, like that one episode where they showed me messing around with everyone? That was an accumulation of about six weeks of messing around with people. Everyone else was messing around with each other too so they took six weeks of messing around with people and smashed it into one episode and said “Jeremy does this, Jeremy does that, Jeremy does this,” and made me look like a total douchebag! They made me look like I did that all in one day.

I don’t know, I just like to have fun and I’m not afraid to step out of the box or put a smile on someone’s face even if it’s just mine. It was kind of accurate, I guess.

Adam Morgan: Do you feel that they singled you out in particular?

Jeremy May: I think considering the fact that I wasn’t afraid to mess around and joke around with Rampage right off the bat, they took that and they had to use someone as a villain on the show and apparently they wanted to pick me to do that.

Adam Morgan: A lot of the fighters and fans have been calling you a punk and a pain in the ass, etc. Was that more just a ploy to get yourself some camera time to make a name for yourself?

Jeremy May: You know what, it’s funny because while we were out there everyone was saying that it was gonna be the Matthew Riddle Show because he was purposely doing shit just to try to be on camera. I was, that’s just me dude, I acted the way I act every day. People that know me here in town are like “That’s just Jeremy being Jeremy.”

I wasn’t trying to get more camera time, I actually thought I was a lot more reserved and quiet than I usually am. I definitely didn’t go out there with that idea. I didn’t think I’d be the focus of the first, what, three or four episodes now?

Adam Morgan: Do you regret sandbagging the knee injury before your fight?

Jeremy May: Well, see they took that and they didn’t put the whole interview in there. They asked me if I was sandbagging and I meant that in a way like “Yeah, I’m trying to nurse my knee, it’s fine now.” And every time I would go to train they would show the clip of me and I wasn’t gonna roll because my knee’s hurting. I started rolling and then it got tweaked again and I’d have to ice it. Yeah, there was stuff I could do but there’s always that chance. I tried to run on the treadmill, was running on the treadmill and it would start to kill me.

I’ve got two tears on my MCL on my left knee. My first fight, if you watch my first fight, I ate two kicks right to the inside of that knee and it was fucked after that. Sandbagging isn’t the right word, but it was definitely painful and I wish I could have got that taken care of a year ago when it happened but unfortunately I am a fighter and you don’t make a lot unless you fight in the bigger shows.

Adam Morgan: So when you came into the show, you already had a previous knee injury?

Jeremy May: Yeah, I’ve had a lot of injuries but that’s one of the ones that’s still kind of a pain in the ass right now.

Adam Morgan: Do you still stand by your statement that if you and Matt Brown fought again that the outcome would be totally different?

Jeremy May: Oh yeah, did you see the beginning of the fight? Imagine me with a full tank of gas and continuing on with the way that fight started out.

Adam Morgan: What would you do differently in another fight against Brown besides cardio?

Jeremy May: Besides cardio, nothing dude. I’d come out and just, I’d probably win by knockout. I mean after watching the fight, like I said, I’ve never gassed out like that before. That’s the worst feeling I’ve ever had, being in a fight and you can’t pick up your arms, I’ve never felt like that. I’ve never gone into a fight like that. Would I fight any different? No, I’d fight him the same way because I think I was doing just fine.

Adam Morgan: Is there anything that you would do differently during the show if you had to go back and do it all over again?

Jeremy May: No not really. Honestly, no, I mean it kind of sucks. It’s hard to be in that situation with fifteen other guys who want the same thing you want. A lot of people can’t deal with that kind of pressure and tend to get angry when someone rubs them wrong. I’m not one of those kind of people, you know? If you wanna joke around with me, we’ll joke around and have a good time. That’s all I was trying to do was pass time.

Can you imagine sitting in the house for six weeks with fifteen other guys, no TV, no music, no nothing? It drives you crazy, so yeah I’m gonna play around and have fun. I definitely wouldn’t have done anything different, I just wish I would have gone out there without an injury.

Adam Morgan: What was the most difficult part of being in the house for you personally?

Jeremy May: Not beating the shit out of Matthew Riddle because he really got on my nerves, so just making sure that didn’t happen.

Adam Morgan: Yeah, it seems now that there is even more beef between you and Riddle than there was between you and Matt Brown but that they just haven’t shown any of it. Is that true?

Jeremy May: Yeah, I don’t know if they’ll show it later on in the show but I would definitely love to fight him.

Adam Morgan: During last night’s show, Matt Riddle let Matt Brown in on your knee injury. After seeing that, did you feel betrayed by your own teammates?

Jeremy May: That didn’t surprise me at all, he’s a douchebag. Besides being a loser, who’s twenty-two years old and doesn’t have a car, doesn’t have a license, has their mom drive them around everywhere and tries to call other people out and shit? I mean, come on now. All he talked about the whole time was sitting at home and smoking pot. You can tell by the way he talks that his brain is fried pretty much as it is. Watch the movie Half Baked and then listen to him talk and it will remind you of a pothead.

Adam Morgan: CB Dollaway recently said in an interview that you only trained with the team for the first four or five days and then didn’t train with them again and hung out with Rampage on the bench most of the time. Would you like to respond to those statements?

Jeremy May: He’s full of shit. I didn’t fight until I had been out there, after we had fought to get into the house, I didn’t fight for another two weeks or two and a half weeks. Yeah, that’s pretty much bullshit. I did drills with them and everything and if my knee started bothering me then I would go and ice it but I definitely trained more than four or five days.

Adam Morgan: Has the UFC invited you to fight on the live finale?

Jeremy May: I’m not at liberty to talk about that I don’t think yet. I’m not sure. I don’t wanna step outside my boundaries.

Adam Morgan: Yeah, I don’t want to get you into any kind of trouble. That’s all I got for you, man, I appreciate you taking the time to give your side of the story.

Jeremy May: Yeah, that’s no problem. I was definitely looking forward to talking a little about it.

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