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Bas Rutten tries to silence the Kimbo haters

Ben Fowlkes has a new article up about Kimbo Slice at where he gets a great quote from Bas Rutten, one of Kimbo’s trainers, regarding the hate that Kimbo has to deal with now because EliteXC has put him in a main event:

“I don’t see anything that he does wrong for these people to talk about him like this,” Rutten said. “Is it just because of the way he dresses that they call him a thug? If he dressed however they told him to dress, just to make people happy, that seems more like a slave to me. More people know him than know some other fighters, and some guys don’t like that, but that’s not his fault.”

Exactly the point. None of this hype is Kimbo’s fault. He’s just a fighter who likes to fight. Chuck Liddell was the first one to take shots at Kimbo, not the other way around. People are quick to forget that. People are also quick to forget that Kimbo didn’t put himself in commercials, didn’t put himself in the main event, and didn’t ask to fight cans. And since when did being a heavyweight prospect early in your MMA career become a bad thing?

If you asked Kimbo to fight Chuck Liddell, I’m sure he would have no problem with that but his handlers would. A lot of this stuff is totally out of his control, so the hate is completely unwarranted.

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