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How soon is too soon?

img10578744.jpg I’m preparing to update my rankings and I’m torn about how to rank Eddie Alvarez. As a welterweight, he was very good. As a lightweight, he looks great. At 155-160 lbs., I think Alvarez is a top five caliber fighter. He just needs more wins.

But I am wondering whether or not he has enough wins right now to be top 10. Sure, it’s only been two fights at 155 for Alvarez, but the two wins were against high caliber opponents. Andre “Dida” Amade is no joke and we all know how good Joachim Hansen is.

His standup has been excellent and he’s really starting to show his outstanding wrestling skills.  As it stands, I’m leaning towards moving Alvarez into my top ten. But is that the Philly in me talking?

In turn, I’m thinking about dropping Mitsuhiro Ishida out of the top ten in order to make room for Alvarez. It will be a steep drop, but the loss to Caol Uno has to have an adverse effect on his ranking. Uno at one point was a top five lightweight in the world. But prior to this weekend’s win, I didn’t consider him top 15.

Obviously, I’m looking for some honest feedback.

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