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Dana White on Andrei Arlovski: “It’s our intention to sign him”

Buried at the bottom of Kevin Iole’s mailbag this week is a quote from Dana White in regards to Andrei Arlovski and the UFC’s intent to ink him to another deal:

“It’s funny you should ask me that. We were just talking about Arlovski. We want to sign him. It’s our intention to sign him. But I don’t know. We’re, well, I don’t know. We want to. Whether we will or not, I have no idea. We like Andrei and I know the fans like Andrei. I hope we can do something.”

For someone like White, who is usually as confident as they come, to sound so unsure about Arlovski’s situation could be a telltale sign that negotiations between Arlovski and the UFC are not going well. That’s just my opinion, but this isn’t your usual “We’re going to get all the talent in the world” statement from Dana White. He sounds very diffident regarding the whole situation.

  • Nick says:

    I think he is dust in the wind, and that sucks big time. They need him, and he knows it. Jsut pay the man already and get him locked up.

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  • cheapshot says:

    i agree to a certain extent but when was the last time he looked menacing? he looks so tentative these days and i’m fairly doubtful that he’s worth what he’s demanding

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  • bjjdenver says:

    I believe he is still a viable HW contender and I also think that one explosive performance would bring back all the fans.

    I may be foolish in this, but I have thought and continue to, that he will stay with the UFC. I think it is his first choice and it will take big bucks to lure him away.

    That said, I really think Dana stubbed his toe, when he buried the O’Brien fight. I wasn’t excited about it, but it was insulting to not have it on the televised portion of the card. I imagine that AA took it as a slap in the face. Not that long ago, he was being portrayed as a face of the UFC and was one of their more popular fighters.

    Considering the lack of contenders at HW right now, I have trouble understanding why AA was/is not given a title shot as part of his re-nogotiation/negotiation. Personally, I have nothing against Mir, but a Nog/AA fight would seem more appealing.

    I think Dana may have to go a little extra to get this done now, than if he would have handled it better in the past year.

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  • thepumaman says:

    Maybe it’s like reverse psychology?

    Dana confidently states he’ll get fighters and he doesn’t.

    Dana shows a lack of confidence about getting a fighter = he gets that fighter?

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  • TapNapOrSnap says:

    The “Pitbull” deffinately needs to comeback to the UFC, no matter what. Dana needs to finalize those negoiations quickly. Especially since I heard through the grapvine that Arlovski wants to fight Mirko Cro Cop.

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  • yuushi says:

    I still hope the UFC can get him signed. He’s sorely needed in the UFC HW division. I just hope the fact that the HW title is now on hold for many months now since Nogueira and Mir are on the next season of TUF (and I still say that Arlovski deserves a title shot a helluva lot more than Mir) doesn’t sway Andrei away from the UFC.

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  • yenny says:

    I think Arlovski’s got to be real concerned about re-signing with the company that benched him for a year and buried his last fight on the untelevised undercard.

    He hasn’t been super devasting lately. But then again, 2 losses and a fighter is cut. What is a fighter to do against a bad style match up? Don’t tell me the UFC actually believes that it’s more important for fighters to put on a good fight than win when they have win bonuses.

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  • bigfish042 says:

    Dana White is just full of horsshit….From way back when things like the HBO is a “DONE” deal and the UFC will be on network tv to WE will “HAVE” Fedor, ETC, ETC…..It could go on and on and on…….

    Plain and simple, the UFC is making AA wait until the last possible second to go on with his career. While in the meantime they have probably offered 1/2 of what he is worth and just making sure that NO ONE else can have his services until the very last minute possible

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  • bjjdenver says:


    not that I disagree with you, but I feel i have to point out…

    The HBO deal was pretty much a done deal, until the HBO exec decided put the smackdown on his girlfriend outside the casino in Vegas. Subsequent investigation revealed prior abuse charges and he was let go. Unfortunately he was championing the deal and the guy that took charge after him is staunchly against mma.

    I know I’m delirious, but I still hold on to the hope of seeing Fedor in the UFC, it just makes a lot of sense.

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  • I’m indifferent.

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  • Cut Diego Sanchez….He sucks

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  • Kelvin says:

    For the love of GOD…get this done Dana.

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  • chris says:

    Arlovski is already scheduled to fight Ben Rothwell with the new affliction promotion… I think Dana doesn’t want his fighters to goto new competition so he wants to sign arlovski now… but if you ask me its a little too late… and Arlovski is looking to make his home in another organization.

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  • DPK says:

    AA vs Nog is a fight I’d like to see. AA deserved this shot more than Mir, and at least should be the next in line. The only person he has lost to since 2002 is Tim Sylvia.

    I still hold out hope of seeing Fedor in UFC, but now the results of his fight with Sylvia will have a big impact on the next round of offers and negotiations.

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  • bjjdenver says:

    Chris, that is still just a rumor. I’m sure it is what they would like to happen, but nothing has been signed yet. I’m not even sure if the UFC’s exclusive negotiating period with AA has lapsed yet.

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  • Shaun Stoffer says:

    what the hell happened to the ufc’s heavyweight division. less than a year ago the thing was stacked with the best aside from fedor and josh barnett.
    and maybe some lesser guys like ricco rodriguez, antonio silva, pedro rizzo, and jeff monson but def not as much.

    it had randy, tim sylvia, andrei, nogueria, kongo, grocop, gonzago, werdum, brock lesnar, frank mir. what the f happned? here’s why…

    RESPECT & PAYMENT. you can’t have fuckers like brock lesnar regarles of his name’s attraction getting paid more than tim sylvia and fucking randy the natural fucking couture. oh well, at least all the other divisions are still stacked.

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  • Fisher says:

    Dana is my bitch too!

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