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The Ultimate Fighter 7: Week 7 Recap

tuf-7.bmpAt the beginning of the episode, Rampage is clearly happy to have control and wants to milk it for all it’s worth leading into the fight announcement. Since this episode will contain two fights, we head right into the first fight announcement. Team Rampage selects former IFL fighter Gerald Harris to face off against Team Forrest’s kickboxing specialist, Amir Sadollah.

Rampage thinks the fight favors Gerald because he’s a good wrestler who likes to slam people on their heads while Amir is a lot less experienced and is mainly a standup fighter. Gerald explains in several interviews how much he likes slamming people on their hands, smiling all the while.

At a Team Forrest training session there are questions regarding Amir’s confidence going into the fight. He’s not as experienced as Harris and he doesn’t like the idea of fighting a wrestler who can nullify his standup game. Forrest makes a side bet with Amir that if he loses, Forrest will shave his head. If he wins, Forrest will shave half of his head and leave it that way for the remainder of the show.

Soon after that, it’s fight time.

Gerald Harris (Team Rampage) vs. Amir Sadollah (Team Forrest)

Round 1

After touching gloves Harris shoots right in for a double-leg takedown and puts Amir on the ground up against the fence. Amir lands some solid elbows from the bottom position but Harris is able to get out of Amir’s guard and land some solid punches of his own from the top. The two fight for position and Amir is able to get back to full guard and eventually work his way back to his feet. No problem for Harris though as he picks Amir up and slams him to the ground like a rag doll. Amir once again kicks Harris off but is once again picked up and slammed hard to the mat. After a bit of action on the ground with both fighters landing punches, Amir makes his way back to his feet again and is able to defend the next takedown that Gerald lunges in for and almost lands a flying knee but ends up on top. From there he lands a quick succession of punches to the side of Harris’ head and makes his way back to his feet.  The round ends with Amir defending a takedown attempt from Harris.

Round Two

Amir comes out firing with a solid leg kick but ends up having to defend yet another takedown attempt. He does a good job defending until Harris eventually sweeps his feet out from under him and secures a takedown. Once again Amir gets back to his feet and defends a single-leg attempt, landing a glancing knee in the process. Gerald shoots again and is not as crisp as he was in the first round as Amir sprawls out and lands some punches to Gerald’s body. Gerald is left clutching at Amir’s ankle to try to secure a takedown but Amir twists out of it and ends up on Gerald’s back. That doesn’t last for long as Harris makes his way back to his feet and unloads with some punches to set up another shot and secures a double leg takedown against the fence. Amir once again works his way to his feet and Gerald lands some nice uppercuts but Amir catches him with a knee right on the jaw that drops Harris to the mat. Amir seizes the opportunity and lands a barrage of punches while Harris is down and the ref steps in to stop the action.

WINNER: Amir Sadollah via TKO, round two

Gerald is not happy with the stoppage because he says he was not out and still in the fight. Sorry, Gerald, but even if you’re not out you have to defend yourself and you have to improve your position after taking a shot like that. You did neither.

Onto the next fight announcement where we have Team Rampage’s Patrick Schultz, who is Paul Bradley’s replacement and previously lost during the opening round of fights to get into the house, taking on Team Forrest’s resident standup expert, Cale Yarbrough. Also, because they’re the only two fighters left, C.B. Dollaway will take on Nick Klein on next week’s show.

The general consensus is that Schultz vs. Yarbrough will be a standup battle. Schultz’s game is Muay Thai and Forrest says that if you take out the “jits” and the wrestling, Yarbrough can beat anyone in the house standing. Cale makes the comment that he wants to put Schultz in his place because he doesn’t deserve to be there in the first place since he lost previously. Schultz thinks Team Forrest is taking him lightly and wants to show them that they’re throwing Cale to the sharks and not the other way around.

Soon after, it’s fight time..

Patrick Schultz (Team Rampage) vs. Cale Yarbrough (Team Forrest)

Round 1

Patrick comes out guns blazing and misses with a big right hand and ends up throwing Cale across the cage. They come back to the center of the cage and trade jabs with Schultz getting the better of it, throwing nice stiff jabs. Patrick is loading up his right hand and going for the home run every time he throws it, eventually connecting with a shot to Cale’s jaw that drops him. Cale isn’t out of it, though, as he is able to get back to his feet while eating a few punches on his way up. Patrick keeps throwing this terrible lunging right hook to the body that leaves him wide open also. Rampage obviously didn’t show him the tape of his last fight against Liddell.

Both fighters trade punches on the feet with Schultz getting in some nice right hands but he looks visibly gassed midway through the round. Cale eventually shoots in for a takedown and takes Schultz off his feet. Yarbrough does some damage from inside of Schultz’s guard before he’s able to get back to his feet. Schultz lands a body shot when they’re on their feet and once again Yarbrough shoots in and secures a takedown, throwing ineffective punches from inside Schultz’s guard for the remainder of the round.

Round 2

Just like the first round, the two come out with a flurry of kicks and punches before Cale realizes that this fight can be won on the ground. He clinches with Schultz, lands a knee to his face which dazes him, and secures a takedown. From here there is no escape for Schultz as Yarbrough has him in his corner, in half guard, and just rains down punishment for the rest of the round, not allowing Schultz any opportunity to get free. The round ends with Yarbrough dealing out the punishment against the cage.

Both corners clamor for a third round, Rampage more seriously than Forrest but the whole place gets behind them and chants for a third round. While Forrest is talking to Rampage and the judges over how many times his fighter was knocked down during the fight, Patrick tells him to get in his corner and that he can’t wait for Forrest to fight Rampage. Forrest laughs it off and spits in his corner as the result is announced..

WINNER: Cale Yarbrough via majority decision

Rampage is obviously upset with this and fed up with losing and has some choice words for Forrest.

“I bet our fight doesn’t go to decision. I’ll be my whole purse on it,” screams Rampage as he storms out of the cage area.

Then they cut to Dana talking about how Forrest and Rampage are wanting to “Tito and Ken” each other, referring to the show’s third season where things got heated between Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock.

Next week we get to finally see C.B. Dollaway, the odds on favorite to win the show, take on Nick Klein as well as the revealing of the quarterfinal matchups.

  • Mikey Gilz says:

    I was sort of hoping that Forrest was going to walk over to Shultz and possibly stab him with a rusty icepick

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  • slimm says:

    Schultz needs to accomplish something in TUF before talking shit to a former TUF winner who also has had argubly one of the greatest fights eva…. o thats right he cant accomplish anything because he lost…. Forrest should have just bitch slapped the hell out of him…. Schultz is 0-2 in this season of TUF……
    i cant wait for the LHW championship fight dont over look Forrest he did beat Shogun choked him out to boot
    tonight was ok airing of TUF next week should be entertaining hopefully…

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  • Matt C. says:

    nice recap Morgan. It just might be better to take 5 minutes to read a thorough recap then spend an hour watching the show.

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  • Kel says:

    The thing I liked best about last nights episode was the fact that there was no footage of the BS going on in the house…I am also curious to see what the coaches challenge will be….Full contact backgammon perhaps?

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  • UFC69INTX says:

    first of all, what the hell was schultz thinking with telling forrest to go back to his corner and he cant wait til rampage beats his @$$, he is a douc#e bag, forrest didnt do anything to him, he wanted a 3rd round, you wont see too much of schultz in the future.

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  • Guy Gaduois says:

    If messing with a man’s chewing tabacky is cause for blood, Sgt. Schultz better just lay low and say “I know nut-zing”, because insulting Forrest like that was deserving of an ass-kicking. I think Dana should ban that fruity-haired Bostonian for life. He’s done more for less in the past. Schultz’s ‘taunting’ was completely classless, and based on how we’ve seen Rampage get bent over losing, if the shoe had been on the other foot, the whole gym would have been pulling Q off the guy if he’d called Q a ‘douchebag’.

    Look, Rampage had all the experience advantage with those two fights – neither Amir nor Cale had between the two of them any fights – they gutted it out, never quit and appeared most importantly to have better conditioning. Schultz is a douchebag for not being in insane cardio shape – he’s too old and was too heavy. He should have run his ass around that building rather than his mouth in the cage . . . AFTER LOSING.

    I don’t get the disdain for the season – there’s more, better fights and less of the in – house fratboy junk. Last season’s ww fights were really hard to watch because of the rank inexperience. These are better fighters fighting better than we’ve seen in quite a while.

    Good show. Boot to the head for Schultz.

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  • Derek B. says:

    i thought it was pretty funny of schultz to say that to griffon.

    I’m with schultz with what he said…I hope Griffon gets smashed during their fight.

    We’ll find out what happens!

    Last nights show was probably the best one I’ve seen this season next to the first 2 that aired.

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  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I’m guessing the fight was 29-28 to Yarborough. Because if they gave the first round to Cale, Athletic Commissions need to start testing judges for drugs of abuse.

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  • MMA_Marken says:

    Did anyone else notice that when they showed highlights from next weeks episode and they were talking about the final eight they showed Nick and not CB? Probably just a coincidence eh?

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  • the Levi says:

    i had just finished saying to my cousin that Harris looks Quinton a few years ago.crazy slams with some brawling and the just like that bam a knee in the face down goes Harris.then I said that happened to Rampage too. but now Rampage has improved so much I thnik that he could win a rematch against wandy.

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  • Derek B. says:

    Harris gassed out way to quickly. He used alot of energy in the first round. I think his goal was to finish the fight in the first few minutes of the first round.

    Back fired on him going into the 2nd…He got careless and underestimated his opponent. Oh well I’m sure we’ll be seeing a rematch at the finale.

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