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Tito Ortiz not shutting the door on UFC just yet

Ariel Helwani at recently conducted an interview with Tito Ortiz where Ortiz gives some indication that he could possibly re-sign with the UFC. But of course, Tito has certain demands that need to be met before that could happen:

“You know what it really comes down to is just (UFC president) Dana White. If he learns to shut his mouth and learns to respect me there is a possibility yet. (He needs to) give a public apology for the things that he has done. That is just what it really comes down to, but I want to go with a company that is going to respect me and see me as the champion I am and the ambassador that I am of the sport and not really downplay me or disrespect me on television or anything else.”

As has been said before, both parties actually need each other because the UFC is the biggest platform in all of MMA and Tito Ortiz is one of the biggest stars in MMA. There’s plenty of money to be made so why not make it together? But I think we’re past that. I don’t think you’ll see Dana White make a public apology to Tito due to what he’s said about him in the past. That’s genuinely the way that White feels about Ortiz and if there’s one thing we know about him it’s that he doesn’t hold back his opinions. Is there a chance that the two sides come to an agreement? Yes. Is it an extremely small chance? You betcha.

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