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Report: Carina Damm tests positive for Nandrolone

According to a report at Sherdog, newly signed EliteXC fighter Carina Damm has tested positive for the steroid Nandrolone according to information received from the California State Athletic Commission:

Damm becomes the first female fighter to face steroid allegations in the U.S. following government testing. CSAC officials have suspended Damm for one year and she has been fined $2,500. She will have opportunity to request a hearing before the CSAC to appeal the suspension and/or request a lighter sentence.

According to the report, Damm’s nanogram count was at a whopping 37.5 ng/mL and the threshold is 2 ng/mL. Damm had just recently signed with Elite XC and had agreed to fight another EliteXC newcomer, Debi Purcell, at the ShoXC event on June 27. Purcell told Sherdog that she knew Damm was on the sauce, but was going to beat her ass anyways:

“It was obvious she was doing it [steroids], but I was just going to out-cardio and out-muscle her anyways,” says Purcell, who hasn’t met Damm in person. “I’ve been lifting for my whole life, everyday for I don’t know how many years. People have accused me of doing steroids because I have muscles, which isn’t fair. But you can’t go have a normal body and two months later be huge.”

Purcell said she has contacted EliteXC about a replacement but nothing has been finalized as of yet.

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