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Hello mainstream media! Meet Phil Baroni


Despite having lost two consecutive fights, EliteXC middleweight fighter Phil Baroni is just as feisty as ever.

Baroni, who will try to snap his losing streak during EliteXC’s first-ever CBS broadcast on May 31 in a middleweight bout against Joe Villasenor, did not hold back during a Thursday conference call to promote the event. For certain members of the mainstream media, it was their first introduction to Baroni.

The “New York Bad Ass” made it a memorable one.

“This interferes with my workout to listen to this bulls**t interview thing,” Baroni began during his opening statement. “What am I doing? I have no idea. What do you want? I’m sick of asking questions. It’s time to fight. I got my f***king mouthpiece in right now. Smokin’ Joe Villase?or owes me a knockout.”

Soon after, he went so far as to ask a female reporter what she was wearing. Later, one reporter made the bold decision to ask Baroni about his ground game.

“It f***ing blows, and it is not going to the ground,” Baroni answered bluntly. “Who cares about the ground game? Smokin’ Joe tries to stand and trade. You saw his last fight. He likes to bang. So, this is going to be a great fight. That’s why it’s on CBS.”

Villasenor concurred with Baroni’s self-appraisal.

“I think Baroni is right, his ground game does suck,” the East Los Angeles native rebutted. “I’m sure that’s what he wants, for us to bang it out where he has an opportunity win. I hope he doesn’t go down form shock because I’ll have to have to choke him out like Shamrock did.”

During the call, Baroni also indicated he would like to fight the winner of the EliteXC middleweight title bout between Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith that will be taking place the same night. While EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw made it clear that the winner of the Baroni vs. Villasenor fight will be a top contender to the title, he stopped short of guaranteeing the winner an immediate title shot.

Additionally, Baroni re-affirmed his desire to rematch Frank Shamrock.

“Of course I think about a rematch against Shamrock,” Baroni responded when asked if he was still interested in a rematch with the former Strikeforce middleweight champion. “I think about it every day. A day doesn’t go past I don’t think about it. Everyone watched the Cung Le fight saying, ‘Wow, Cung Le is this, is that. Wow, Shamrock should have had him.’ I was watching the fight thinking, ‘I can’t believe I lost to this bum.’ I can’t believe this guy got a ‘W’ over me.”

But not all the questions posed to Baroni pertained to past, present, and future fights. One member of the media wanted to know if Baroni bought a new car after signing with EliteXC.

“We’ll see,” answered Baroni. “We’ll see. Gary’s (Shaw) is talking s**t about Dana White, and all this crap. Where’s my car, Gary? Hook me up.”

Towards the end of the call, Baroni’s antics prompted one reporter to ask Shaw if a seven-second delay would be used during the CBS telecast for Baroni.

“Baroni will be a 30-minute delay,” Shaw quipped.

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