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Is UFC 84 do-or-die for Wanderlei Silva?

Some very intriguing audio from the UFC’s conference call this week to promote UFC 84 has surfaced on the Internet.

The audio, which can be heard by clicking here, consists of Canadian Press reporter Neil Davidson asking UFC president Dana White about the recent cuts made by the promotion.

“Is there an ongoing, sort of, pruning of your roster right now?,” Davidson began to ask. “There have been some fighters that have been let go; Travis Lutter, Joe Doerksen, (and) Jake O’Brien. How would you describe this? Is this business as usual or did you just get to the point where you had to reduce (the roster). Is there more change than normal?,” asked Davidson.

To which White responded:

“Yeah, no, it’s nothing abnormal at all. At the end the day, the UFC, like I say all the time, it’s the place where all of the best fighters in the world fight. After you lose a few, or whatever, you have to go back down and get some wins and come back.”

Later, White had some very vague yet ominous words about light heavyweight Wanderlei Silva.

“Wanderlei Silva obviously though has to get a win,” White stated. “I mean, this guy has to win some fights here to stay in the UFC.”

No, White didn’t say that Silva will be cut if he loses to Keith Jardine next Saturday in Las Vegas. However, he does have a six-figure guarantee and the UFC is indeed trimming its roster. Nothing is for certain, but if Silva doesn’t beat Jardine, would it be a shock if the UFC released him? If a fighter loses two consecutive fights, the UFC has the option to cut the contract. At the very least, I would think that the UFC would ask Silva to re-negotiate his current deal.

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