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Kimbo vs. Gannon by end of 2008?

Perhaps the fight that Kimbo Slice wants the most, a rematch against Sean Gannon, who is the only man to beat him in a street fight. The grueling and brutal street fight has been seen by millions of people on YouTube and a sanctioned MMA fight between the two may come to fruition be year’s end according to the article about Kimbo in the latest ESPN The Magazine:

A six-time New England Golden Gloves champ, Gannon still trains at a Boston MMA gym to stay sharp. He’s been a cop for 12 years and likes his job. But when the money is right—and insiders expect an agreement by year’s end—he’ll hope for permission to meet Slice in the cage, arguing that Boston cops have received approval to box. If told no, Gannon faces a decision: fight and deal with the consequences, or quit his job and chase an MMA career.

Emphasis mine.

Is Gannon someone that hardcores want to see Kimbo fight? Of course not. Everyone would rather see him step up and face some legitimate MMA competition. But you can’t deny that a fight against Gannon would be a compelling matchup based on their history. And it’s certainly a fight that EliteXC can sell all day, baby. All day.

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