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CBS won’t be a reality for Reality Kings

102393_diftppgmqf_vlarge.jpgAficionados of adult feature entertainment will be saddened to learn that popular Internet pornography production company Reality Kings will not be allowed as a sponsor of Kimbo Slice for EliteXC’s first-ever CBS telecast on May 31.

Reality Kings is a company that operates many highly-trafficked pornographic web sites and has been very visible as a sponsor for Slice’s previous fights. Many people had been wondering whether or not the company would play a visible role during the CBS telecast for Slice’s fight next Saturday vs. James Thompson. However, EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw made it clear in a response to a question by’s Denny Burkholder during a conference call that took place on Thursday that Reality Kings will not be seen on CBS.

“One of Kimbo’s sponsors is Reality Kings, and Reality Kings operates a number of pornographic Web sites,” asked Burkholder. “Was there ever any discussion of banning Reality Kings from sponsoring Kimbo on the CBS show due to being on primetime network TV?”

“Yes, Reality Kings will not be on his clothing,” Shaw disclosed.

According to Shaw, the decision to prevent Reality Kings from being a visible sponsor was a joint one between CBS and EliteXC.

“We understand what’s socially responsible, and CBS has a very high standard for standards and practices,” he said. “And every logo we put on or whatever we do goes through CBS in their standards and practices.”

Fighters involved with next Saturday’s CBS debut have been signing sponsorship deals for record amounts. has spoken to several fighters who have confirmed that “EliteXC: Primetime” will represent their career-high in sponsorships for a fight. And while things have been great for many of the fighters involved with the card, there have been some limitations placed on sponsorships.

Several managers contacted by Five Ounces Of Pain have informed us that while fighters can wear hats during their cage-walk entrance, they must wear an EliteXC hat while in the cage during their post-fight interview. The respective corner of a fighter also cannot drape a banner on the inside of the cage. Banners can only be displayed on the outside of the cage and can only advertise the fight camp that the fighter is representing. This site was also the first to report that EliteXC has banned Affliction-labeled clothing.

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