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Video: Meet Chet “The Hitman” Hardaway

Today should be a very big week for news with EliteXC’s first-ever CBS telecast set for this Saturday and the WEC’s biggest show ever scheduled for Sunday. However, today is Memorial Day so I don’t anticipate a ton of news coming out. As such, I thought it might be interesting to do a post on an interesting situation pertaining to the Philadelphia/New York/New Jersey MMA scene.

An amateur fighter out of New York named Chet “The Hitman” Hardaway is causing quite a stir on the local scene. He recently got some press in a local Long Island newspaper and many fighters are upset about it. The feeling is that Hardaway, a traditional martial artist, has not proved himself in MMA and is trying to pass himself as being a bigger deal than he really is. In fact, many believe he’s reinforcing a lot of negative stereotypes about fighters. There was a term I used to heard used when I was in high school… poser.

The uproar over Hardaway right now is being expressed through MySpace and video blogs. It was a video blog by Hardaway himself that has really generated a strong reaction and has even inspired a hilarious spoof.

The spoof is a must-see video, but it’s a lot more funny after having seen the original blog that it was inspired by. And since today is a slow news day, I’d though I’d present both for everyone to see.

First, there is Hardaway’s blog, which is unintentionally funny in various ways:

And here is a spoof of Hardway’s “Team Hitman,” with a blog about “Team Handjob”:

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