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Wanderlei not moving to middleweight

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk of Wanderlei Silva moving to middleweight.

That possibility was put to rest for the time being.

There is one interesting fight for Wanderlei Silva at 185. There are many interesting fights for Wanderlei at 205,” said Dana White.

With his complete domination of Keith Jardine at UFC 84, Silva has put himself back in the main event picture for a possible rematch with Chuck Liddell or, with a few more wins, a potential light heavyweight title shot sometime in 2009.

White was also not against another bout with Liddell.

A Chuck Liddell – Wanderlei Silva fight could happen again,” said White.

Silva, however, did not completely rule out a switch in the future.

I could make 185,” said Silva.

I know the UFC’s top weight class has always been the light heavyweight division, but the middleweight division is badly in need of an injection of some sort of talent. Fellow Brazilian Anderson Silva has just demolished the competition to the point where there really isn’t anyone interesting for him to fight. Clearly, a Silva vs. Silva fight (if the fighters are willing to do it) is much more intriguing option than an Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami match.

Plus, a fight with Rich Franklin or a rematch with Dan Henderson definitely has some luster to it.

Even though the Liddell fight is a much bigger attraction, the opportunity to help save a division could be a much better choice. Wanderlei Silva can either be a small fish in a big pond (205) or a big fish in a small pond (185).

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