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5 Oz. interview with TUF 7’s Matt Brown

matt-brown.jpgDuring last night’s episode of “The Ultimate Fighter 7,” Matt Brown became one of the latest fighters to be eliminated from the middleweight tournament after losing via triangle choke submission at the hands of Amir Sadollah.

Courtesy of Spike TV, was able to speak with Brown a day after the loss was shown on television. We not only were able to get Matt’s thoughts on the fight itself, but also on the supposed “overtraining” of Team Forrest, his fight with Jeremy May, and much more.

Adam Morgan: If you and Amir fought again do you think there’s anything that you’d do differently?

Matt Brown: Actually there’s nothing I would do different. I fought him well and things just didn’t turn out my way that day. I wouldn’t fight him any different. Not take anything at all away from Amir but I think I’d win if we fought again so I’d fight him exactly the same but just be a little bit better next time.

Adam Morgan: It looked like you might have been a bit gassed at the end of the fight and there are some fighters talking about Team Forrest being overtrained as a whole. Do you agree that Forrest was a little aggressive in his training?

Matt Brown: Yeah, Forrest was definitely aggressive in his training but I’ve got a few things to say about that. First off Forrest told us the first day we were out there, he said “It’s up to you guys to take days off when you need to take days off” and he said he will run us into the ground. The way I see it is we’re fucking professional athletes and at this level, if you don’t know when to take days off then you don’t need to be at this level. Like you need to go back to the fucking amateur ranks and learn how to train yourself. A lot of them guys, they’d just never trained like that too. They’re talking about “overtrain this, overtrain that,” and the fact is that they had just never trained balls to the wall like that before.

You know I’ve trained like that my whole career, I’ve always trained balls to the wall so for me it wasn’t really nothing new and I knew when to take time off. I think a lot of the guys were using it as an excuse, you know I’m not going to name any names, but the fact is that overtraining is one of the easiest excuses for people to make. They can say “Oh, I was overtrained and that’s why I didn’t perform” or whatever but that’s just not an excuse. I mean if you’re a professional then you need to know how to rest and be fully prepared. Like I said, Forrest told us when we first got there “I am going to run you guys into the fucking ground, so if you need a day off, take a day off.”

Adam Morgan: You landed several hard shots right on his chin and Amir seemed to just shake them off. Were you at all surprised by Amir’s chin?

Matt Brown: You know, the shots, I’ve got pretty heavy hands but they weren’t landing as clean as it looked. He did a real good job of keeping me where I couldn’t plant my feet where he was able to stay past the end of my punches and stay outside of my range. I had to lunge, almost, to actually hit him. I think that was his gameplan, just to stay outside and keep circling. He wouldn’t let me get real good angles and I didn’t get to land as good of shots as I’d hoped. I wouldn’t let it frustrate me because I felt good, but he just did it perfect, you know? He fought me perfectly.

Adam Morgan: Was it awkward for you to have to go over to Team Rampage and train with them before the fight?

Matt Brown: No, it wasn’t really too awkward being that you live with all them guys in the house and you knew the guys anyways, so it wasn’t too awkward. I was just looking forward to getting to work with some of the guys that I didn’t get to work with, you know, and make the best out of the opportunity. Especially Juanito Ibarra, I was really looking forward to working with him.

Adam Morgan: You were portrayed as sort of the tough as nails badass of the house. Do you think that was an accurate portrayal?

Matt Brown: I mean, I don’t know. I just do the best I can every day and work as hard as I can and be as tough as I can. If that’s the way people see me, that’s fine, if not, that’s fine too.

Adam Morgan: I wanted to go back and ask you about the fight with Jeremy May. How satisfying of a victory was that for you considering all that had gone on?

Matt Brown: I mean it’s always good to win, especially when you get a nice, big knockout like that but I wasn’t overly impressed by my performance. I’m not the type of person that’s gonna sit there and think about how great I knocked him out or how satisfying the win was or whatever. I was just thinking about my performance and what I could do to improve on my performance and that was all I was thinking about.

Adam Morgan: So you didn’t feel the slightest bit of happiness that you got to put Jeremy May on his ass?

Matt Brown: Like I said, I didn’t even hardly think about it. Even though, you know, I don’t like the kid, didn’t like him then, don’t like him now, never will like him in the end no matter how much you like a guy or dislike a guy, when the bell rings it’s a fight. That fact is that all them emotions go out the window and you just gotta fight so that’s what I focused on doing.

Adam Morgan: I know you came into the show at 185 lbs. but do you feel more comfortable at 170 lbs. than you do at 185 lbs.?

Matt Brown: Oh, of course, you know I had never fought at 185 until the show, actually. The only good part about it was, we got out there on the show and you never know who you’re gonna fight next. Well, we had control so we had an idea of who we’d fight next. But if you win the show, you fought four times in six weeks so the weight cut is ridiculous for some people. For me I didn’t have to cut any weight so I actually thought I had an advantage.

Adam Morgan: Do you think there’s a lot of guys that came onto the show as natural 170 lbs. fighters but were competing at 185 lbs. just to make it onto the show?

Matt Brown: I don’t think there was, there was a few guys I’m sure that could make 170. At least on our team, I think there was a lot of guys that didn’t realize they could make 170. Like they’re used to walking around at 195 to 200 lbs. but after going through a training camp like that, you know, hard training like the way we did, their weight got a lot lower than it had ever been before. They were walking around at 185 or 190. I heard some guys talking, saying “Man, maybe I can make 170.” Like I said, a lot of guys had never trained like that before but for me it was just another training camp.

Adam Morgan: There’s a report floating around that you’ll be facing off against Matt Arroyo at the finale at welterweight. Can you comment on that at all?

Matt Brown: Nah, I can’t say a word.

Adam Morgan: I didn’t think so. What was the hardest thing about living in the house for you personally?

Matt Brown: There wasn’t really anything hard about it for me until I lost. The whole hard part is other guys in the house. When guys start losing they start drinking and staying up all night. Just dealing with people that just don’t care, that are not respectful towards guys that have to fight the next day and stuff. That was really the only hard thing about it and I got mad at a lot of stuff. Sometimes the night before fights some guys would be up drinking late and stuff and I would tell them “You know, these guys gotta fight and you gotta respect that,” so that to me was really the only hard part.

Adam Morgan: And what are you doing currently, are you still in Cincinnati training at Jorge Gurgel’s gym?

Matt Brown: Yeah, exactly.

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