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Should the WEC have lighter weights only?

The WEC is about to televise the biggest fight in it’s history between featherweight champion Urijah Faber and top contender Jens Pulver. Ticket sales for the fight leading up to the fight have been very strong (ahead of EliteXC’s debut), and the pre-fight hype has been very solid as well.

Faber and Pulver bring something different to the cage than the UFC does – they weigh-in at 145 lbs. The UFC does not offer that. This gives the WEC a special niche. By having Faber and Pulver highlighted in the main event, the WEC does not have to take a backseat to the UFC. They have two of the top fighters in the featherweight weight class squaring off.

Should Zuffa continue to differentiate the product between the WEC and UFC? I think yes. There’s no need to have a WEC light heavyweight title because there are many lighter weight classes than don’t have a major American championship that can be highlighted in that spot. Why have the 20th and 21st best light heayweights fight it out when you could see two top five flyweights?

One of the men fighting in the main event this weekend agrees that this is the direction the WEC should go.

There should be lighter weights in the WEC and heavier weights in the UFC,” Pulver said, “Give the little guys a home. I believe that is what they (Zuffa) are going to do.”

One thing the WEC has done very well is deliver strong, action-packed shows. By continuing to showcase more and more of the lighter weights, the WEC will increase its profile and it’s fanbase.

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