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Recap of Tito Ortiz on Howard Stern

200px-titoortiz.png Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz was a guest on the “Howard Stern Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio this morning. Ortiz was in the studio to promote the release of his new biography, This is Gonna Hurt.

Below is a recap of Ortiz’s appearance:

  • Stern asked Ortiz about his status with the UFC and Ortiz said he is moving onto a “bigger and better” company without saying one by name.
  • As a fullowup, Stern asked if he was going to fight for “that company on CBS” and Ortiz responded by saying “Possibly.”
  • Ortiz said he made $210,000 for his last fight while his opponent made only about $25,000.
  • When Stern brought up Dana White’s name, Ortiz said he didn’t remember that name and said he’s moved on and was going to pretend he doesn’t exist.
  • When asked what company he’s with, Ortiz responded by saying he’s with “the Tito Ortiz Company.” He said he will start his own promotion that will work with other promotions.
  • He said Machida ran from him for three rounds in his last fight and that the UFC made the matchup to intentionally make him look bad.
  • Ortiz said he’s working on having kids with Jenna Jameson, but that the two have no plans to marry anytime soon.
  • Revealed that he waited a month before having intercourse with Jameson.
  • In response to that revelation, Stern jokingly asked Ortiz if he was “gay” and Ortiz said if he was, that would make him the toughest gay fighter around. Stern asked him if there were gay fighters in the UFC and Ortiz said “Sure there are.” He went onto joke that White was gay (without mentioning him by name) but concluded by saying, “Oh wait, he’s married.”
  • He made more personal revelations saying that he cheated on his first wife and talked about how he went into therapy to try and resolve anger with his parents, who both had drug problems while Ortiz was growing up. He said he was “pretty much abandoned” by his parents and that he sold marijuana as a youth to pay rent.
  • He said that six months ago he spoke to his father for the first time in five years.
  • Ortiz said he has investigated scientology and is considering becoming a scientologist.

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