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Report: Matt Riddle vs. Dante Rivera at “The Ultimate Fighter” 7 Finale

According to MMA Weekly’s rumors section, a fight between Matt “Chipper” Riddle and Dante Rivera has been scheduled for The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale. The two jokingly talked trash to one another inside the house and now it looks like they will get to go at it inside the cage.

Riddle, a Team Rampage member, beat a talented jiu jitsu guy in Dan Simmler, knocking him out and breaking his jaw in the opening bouts. That victory got him into the house but then he lost in a spirited affair to Tim Credeur in the prelims, a performance which earned him an XBox 360.

Rivera beat John Wood via kimura in the first round of the opening bouts to win his way into the house. He then went on to beat Brandon Sene via decision in the prelims but suffered a loss at the hands of Jesse Taylor during the quarterfinals.

  • darkmetal says:

    I am amped about this fight. Of the fights on TUF this season, Riddle’s performance was great. Although he lost, I think he had that “something” that defines potential.

    Methinks Dante is in for a long night unless he can force this to the ground and submit “chipper”.

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  • bjjdenver says:

    darkmetal..your powers are on fire tonight. I’m heading to vegas, who is going to win the Superbowl??

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  • Patrick says:

    If Riddle fights the way we’ve seen him fight then he will most definitely beat Dante.

    We’ll see how it goes though, experience has a way of making “sure fire wins” into “dissapointing losses”.

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  • Jhoover says:

    I am confirming this. I know riddle and he’s been preparing for this fight since he got back.

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  • Dowork says:

    Yeah, Riddle has been training at Arizona Combat Sports so I think we will see a much more improved Matt Riddle. Not that he was bad or anything but just imagine the training he’s got in the 6 weeks of being at the house then going to a bigger camp after the show.

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  • PoopiePants says:

    My money’s on Riddle, but ya never know. Dante has a mental edge, more polished BJJ, but physically is the smaller, weaker wrestler & striker, and older fighter. Riddle’s been training six hours a day, six days a week with the new team. Dante claims to always fight and train the same. If this is the case, I think he’s in for a tough night.

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