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Kaitlin Young responds to Dr. Sherry Wulkan of the New Jersey Athletic Control Board

On Monday, we printed an e-mail authored by Dr. Sherry Wulkan, one of the cageside physicians during Saturday’s debut of EliteXC on CBS. The e-mail was written in response to comments made by New Jersey Athletic Control Board legal counsel Nick Lembo and sent to directly to Lembo. We re-printed the letter with consent from Nick Lembo.

After conducting an interview with Lembo and reading Dr. Wulkan’s e-mail, 5 Oz. of Pain contacted Kaitlin Young for comment in response to what Dr. Wulkan and Nick Lembo said regarding the stopping of her fight with Gina Carano. At the time, Young declined to go on the record. However, she e-mailed the following statement to 5 Oz. of Pain this evening and asked that we publish it here.

Below is Kaitlin Young’s official statement in response to Dr. Wulkan’s comments:

If Dr. Wulkan claims that the call was consistent with the standard for ANY MMA show and that it was made out of concern for my health, though I disagree, that is  her own opinion.

However, the notion that I or my corner had ever stated or inferred an agreement with the stoppage is completely false. I readily admit that Gina was getting the better of me at that point in the fight but maintain the opinion that the stoppage was premature and due to gore rather than severe injury. I was coherent, did not yet have an open cut, could still see out of the eye in question and do not have a fractured orbital.

I don’t appreciate my professionalism or character being called in question with false statements.

No vendetta here and all the credit to Gina Carano for a great performance. I look forward to fighting for Elite XC in the future.

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